26 thoughts on “Oh My…Dasmond Koh Dig his nose sia!”

  1. Yah loh like that also can. Hahaha.

    Thanks. I enjoyed it at sheng siong show yesterday! Hehe. Happy lah! At first i thought u will send sam back home. Wah $81000 leh! So many loh! =]

  2. Oops! You are caught in the act!

    Anyway, taking this opportunity to wish you and everyone in this blog a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2009 in case I do not have time to pop over these few days!

    Edward Han

  3. The thread starter is basically a childish and bored brat. Omg. Dumb ass luh. Who doesn’t clear their nose itch(s)? Just becos u’re a star, does it mean u aren’t a human?

    Baaaa. dummy ts.

  4. hahahha omg, damn funny! when i saw your title to the post, i was like ” eh? haha wth…” then i read the thread. like hello, big deal someone scratches an itch. i mean, never see anyone scratch nose before meh? wahhh haha funny sia!

  5. hellos! stumpled upon ur blog. it’s indeed an interesting one!

    read some of ur entries and know of your 3 小老弟. there’s quite an age difference between you and ur lil bros. mind sharing how you met each other and the brotherly bond is developped? I’m pretty envious of you! =)

  6. Merry christmas & happy new year!

    I am sure 2moro or even later u will enjoy urself with the rest of them.

    Do share videos n pics with us. Hehe. Thanks.

  7. i found it quite silly yeah?LOLS.digging nose?who also can see he’s just rubbing his nose nia.need to so work up marh?hahahas.the person who posted this picture on the net.did you yourself “dig”your nose before?of cause got before right?why post up this kinda picture?have you think of dasmond’s feelings?but yeah.dasmond is da fang ,he’s not angry(: think before you do manxzxzxz.anyway.dasmond!you are great in hosting! jiayous!


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