New Toy! :)

I’m flying to Spain in a few hour’s time… New City Beat! And yeap, all four Musketeers again!

And this round, I’ve got 2 new toys with me! haha!


Cool huh? haha!

I’ll take tons and tons of pictures k… Some will be appearing in my upcoming book of course 🙂

For those who are interested in photography, or looking to buy a new camera, I’ll try the cams out and share when I’m back.

Wait for my beautiful pictures ya…. meanwhile, have fun in Singapore ;p

6 thoughts on “New Toy! :)”

  1. hi dasmond,
    saw on star search web that star search is like not a weekly show??

    And since some episodes of star search on sun… so some sheng siong episode will cancel?? But sure sunday and mon you will be busy la..

  2. i really Love this camera! is this pocket camera really good rather than DSLR camera ?

    ( of course each has it’s credit… but the function solid enough… So if you wanna bring a smaller one out, this is one of the good choice.
    Will show some of the Spain pics I took with them soon 🙂 – from 22 )


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