New Toy :)

Today started off beautifully.

Woke up early to receive my ‘new toy’ 🙂

OSIM uInfinity!

I’m a person who cannot do without massage.
Massage is like therapeutic to me… Put me into the relax mode and allows me to unwind after a long day of work.
The thought of bringing home a ‘masseur’ had been lingering in my mind for quite some time. Last week, I FINALLY put it into action! haha!

What’s more convenient than having a ‘masseur’ at home? Moreover, it’s one that’s
recommended by Mr Lau! Yes, Mr Andy Lau!

I know this sounds very commercial, but I don’t care ;p
I just gotta do this because this machine is such a masterpiece! 有好东西就应该跟大家分享!

<iframe width=”550″ height=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

I’m admit I’m lazy. I don’t like to read instruction book.

So, I actually try my luck by asking OSIM for technical assistance…

ME: “You know, like having those trainer to come to you and teach you how to use the machine? … “
OSIM: “Oh, We’ll try to arrange for that :)”
ME: “So, there’ll be a trainer coming over?”
OSIM: “Yeap! I send you his pic? He’s our Andy Lau (*giggle)”

The picture I received…
Mr Patrick aka OSIM’s Andy Lau. *Ahem!

The training session was a good one I must say.

Cleared a lot of the doubts I have regarding my personal ‘masseur’, and brings our relationship much closer… haha!
If you are wondering what’s the difference between the new chair (OSIM uInfinity) and the previous models they have, one sentence tell it all.. it’s 天王之王!!!

There’s a lot more being offered!
See! Full recline!

And the chair ‘hugs’ better.. Oh ya! The well received foot massager uPhoria was incorporated!
Even my super hyper dog 22 can’t resist the charm of the uInfinity…
Staring at it when I’m doing my massage.

The massage programme I like most?

Heavenly King!

It started off with 3 minutes of focus on the lower back (action of pushing and arching the lower back). It pushes the lower back once, and holds. Then pushes further and holds plus the airbag started to squeeze at butt area.
Next, a deep massaging sensation at the back of the neck simulates the experience of a hair wash in a salon. Heavy stepping technique on the upper back area.
Then the action of pushing and arching the lower back was repeated. And in the final minute, it pushes as it rolls down from Neck & Shoulders to lower back…

Shiok! 单单听就够爽了不是吗? ;p
Umm… Shall stop now. Going back to the ‘masseur’!

Visit OSIM’s Facebook page, uInfinity microsite or Youtube channel for more information!

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