Diary 37/2013

Past few days, I must say, it’s an interesting one.

There’s so much to do, so little time.
Since I couldn’t really sleep now, why not let’s do a recap 🙂

Never really understand how fun Race Me to the Stars was, until last Sunday…
Boy… the contestants were so creative! Despite it was along and hot day, I am truely glad that I was given the chance to host the programme (which will be telecasting on 22nd Sept 8:30pm on Channel U).

And my ‘long time not see’ darling Glenda!!!

Apart from Race me, the other event I hosted was HPB’s tele-movie Recipe 回味’s Press Conference and Gala Premier.

Starring Zoe Tay, Li Yinzhu, Mosses Lim, Shen Jingxing and Jayley Woo and directed by Eric Khoo. Very meaningful show. Remember to catch it on Channel 8, 29th Sept 9pm.

That aside, there’s 2 other things that kept me really occupied this week.
Number One… Preparing for this show…

What’s that? you will get to know soon… ‘good lobang’… cannot miss… I will let you know in no time…

Number Two. The minor renovation of my place. Got some cupboard done up and redesign some layout. Still quite a bit to settle…

I’ve eased out a corner in my living room, creating space for a new addition.
What could it be?

Here’s an old grandmother story…





我家里有一台 Nespresso 咖啡冲泡机,我们经过 Ion 的 Nespresso 专卖店,我说没几句咖啡机有多方便,她就。。。

好了 。。。累了 。。。
这几天还有得忙呢 。。。


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