Joshua Ang 洪赐健!

This interview was done 2 years ago…

i_weekly Interview

After answering the nation’s call for almost 2 years, my ‘bad boy’ bro will be back in action again! 🙂

叮当神探 Ep3 - 11

Signing on to Mediacorp, Joshua’s contract will start in August.

i weekly no 560

While waiting for him to appear on screen, check out his blogsite

23 thoughts on “Joshua Ang 洪赐健!”

  1. It is always nice to see new faces but then not to forget all those old faces as well. I am a person who loves to treasure old things though welcoming new ideas and innovation.

    All I can say that we Singaporean are getting better in many things. It just need a little fire to start exposing our talent.

    Looking forward to see him on air!

  2. Wow.. Great!! haven been see-ing him on screen for long..
    haha..hey, 1st time see-ing u life at superband was good!
    u look better in person than in screen! haha..
    (It’s a compliment! )
    Didnt expected u to look that tall or perhaps u r on the stage and that’s the reason why
    u r tall. lol.
    anyway, i was standing infront(middle) of the stage behind the camera men.
    i got to say, “U LOOK GOOD!”
    another compliment for u.

    ( haha… thanks thanks… despite peifen’s ‘tall’ hairdo, I can still look tall not bad already… aha! – from 22 )

  3. hi

    IS he yr real bro? Why his surname diff as yrs? Very curious..

    ( I have got 3 god bro that are close to my heart, go thru my blog u will see the 3 of them… 🙂 – from 22 )

  4. why u post this pic of him ‘zhao geng’? 😛

    ( for the welfare of all the chi-go-bek out there… aha – from 22 )

  5. haha…yaya…peifen look cuter in screen. she looks more feminine on life.
    Her hairdo i like it very much.. wonder how the hair stylist did that. isit fake hair? lol.
    cya soon next next week. cuz will only see u when i see 异世界。哈哈。

  6. Hi Dasmond.

    Have you heard of the dumb incident of Xia Xue and Dawn Yang?
    Perhaps you can have an entry of how you feel.
    I like your blog, you are real, as in really real, neither warped in plastic nor hypocrisy.

    i cannot guarantee you but.. im pretty sure that you wont be penalised or get a lawyer letter unless you really say out how you feel, in a crude and brainless manner, then again, i trust that you wont.
    i just want to know your view on plagiarism and why must people give credits to others?

    perhaps all these things being said out in a nicer manner will knock some sense into storm.
    entertainment is one thing.
    but….. please have entertainment with dignity.

    and.. yes, sg variety shows disgusts me a lil..
    the style they host it, its so goddamn obvious that they ripped off the concept from elsewhere.
    i’m talking about concept you know.

    they should grab some talents from Creative and really be unique.
    like we have our own “lahs” and “lors”.
    at least it isnt something very bad like when others think of singapore, what will they think of?

    by the end of the day, if as a nation fails to do this, its gonna fall..
    just like what was stated in History books during sec school.

    a new history is about to unfold.
    “the falling of the Singapore dynasty.”
    haha. LOL.

    please grant my request will you?
    many thanks.

    your lovable fan,

  7. wow, so happy u reply me. I’m 23 this yr got a job. But don enjoy my work as much as u. Totally clueless should i continue?

  8. hello!
    NP is have a RED photo exhibition next monday =)
    hope u can come and support if u have the time =)

    btw, u look great on recent programs =)
    jia you!

    ( we have to be in studio from 2 odd rehearsing for Superband live show on Monday… – from 22 )

  9. i saw joshua today hahaso happy… He is so handsome wonder he saw me or not?? joshua or his fren seeing my post pls tell him i love him!!!!

  10. hello.sorry ddint put up my name cos i really don want.and i watch table of,i watch every episode.and i hope u joshua would email me to my email account that i had been a big fan of are damn hot!:)

  11. hihi……my 1st comment so far for u……..hope joshua sees tis………….I LOVE U JOSHUA !!!!!!!!!!!!! hahas i commented on joshua’s url too and tats coz he’s way way way toooooo hot………dk i like u too:) hahas i lly juz hope u or JOSHUA will add me at my yahoo—[email protected] …………tats coz i rly wanna contact u guys in real life………………………..AT LEAST ONCE:) HAHA I LOVE U ONCE AGAIN JOSHUA AND DASMOND TOO!!!! but im more of joshua fan:) sorry dk but u’re hot too!!!!!!!!haha dun get too confused……..


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