In this world, we're never alone…

bryan page

Bryan started his own blog!

Was pretty impressed with the stuff he wrote in his blog.
New Age Sensitive Boy… umm… ‘Man’, I mean… ha!





8 thoughts on “In this world, we're never alone…”

  1. ??????????????? , ????????????????? , ????? , ????????????????????? , ??????????????? ! ??????? ! ?????? !!!
    ???????????? , ???????????????? STUPID ??? !
    Thank you very very very………much , and love you deep deep……….!

  2. Every career will have their difficult path to go abt. In Entertainment line is losing each of ur privacy. No personal space. Whether the attention is good or bad, it will be focusing on all of you too. When you all are in bad mood, in front of the cameras, you all will have to throw away all bad feelings and put a very happy face in front of everyone. Tough! But I understand. Indirectly, I’m in the same position as you all too cos I’m in a line where I’m servicing my clients too. A lot of feelings have to keep to myself, no matter is gd or bad when facing them. A lot of weird and funny people I encountered too…. So Jiayou everyone….. !



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