Campus Superstar 4th Semi Final’s Result

The crowd was awesome!


Whether you’ve expected it or not, result for Campus Superstar 4th Semi final…


We bid farewell to Huixian and Marcus

( Marcus really have got great sportsmanship, he actually wishes the 4 finalist all the best when he was doing his goodbye song.. well done! And Bravo to his mum, who actually hug Benjamin and congrats Ben’s mum when Marcus was singing his goodbye song on stage… Guess it runs in the family, I’m really impressed! 🙂 )

[youtube qEsnnkImbj8]

[youtube yphxRrFA_Vg]


11 thoughts on “Campus Superstar 4th Semi Final’s Result”

  1. The competition last night was very tense wasn’t it? Although I didn’t quite agree to the results, but I very much suspected and expected it would turn out this way. Let’s wait and see what happens the next round then…

  2. watched fin the posted videos …cool..but nv c his mom hug scene lei… lidat can only hope the didi can win lor since his voice v obvious wins ben.. c la.. the judges only turned “better” when i 1st on my tv…den nw become lidat…den pple wil kinda b influenced by their words 1 wad…haiz….sld ask xiao song xiao bo come sg…[ T Audience!! T Audience!! where is u???? hahaha….]


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