I Breathe Better under water…

I wanna go DIVING!!!

Happen to browse through my diving pics today when I was doing some house-keeping for the whole bunch of snapshots I have in my PC… So so so miss the water…

Stupid ??? says wanna go with me end up cldnt make it… dunno learn the theory and clear the pool session for wat.. ; P

And for those who promise will make time to go dive with me… Quick quick quick… I wanna do it in April!

Everyone, learn diving… human being breathe better under water!
Go register with Gill Divers then we can all be dive buddies! hee

Jacki! You there????
I wanna go diving!


Me cool~~ hor… ha…

10 thoughts on “I Breathe Better under water…”

  1. To Shuan – Dunno whether my name is powerful enough to get you some discount, but you can always try… you might anytime be the 88th or 888th person of that month to register.. then Jacki decided to let you dive for free.. haha 😉

  2. OH~!! 22 is Dasmond?! =O Haha…sorry. Didn’t expect to see your reply. Hahaha…right. I shall try my luck then. Hee. Thanks for the reply. =D

  3. I wanna learn diving for years and finally when i saw the article in I-weekli i made e desicion of jus go anf learn. I am going down to gill divers this Sat and register myself. Hope my fren can make it too.. anyway, will i get a chance to see you?? you are soooooo busy.. haha
    all e best! I believe i can breathe under water too…=)


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