Halloween 万圣节!

Halloween 2009 (3)

The term Halloween (also spelled Hallowe’en) is shortened from All Hallows’ Even – e’en is a shortening of even, which is the origin of the words “evening” and “eve”. This is ultimately derived from the Old English Eallra Hālgena ǣfen.[15] It is now known as “Eve of” All Saints’ Day,[citation needed] which is November 1st.

In the 800s, the Church measured the day as starting at sunset, in accordance with the Florentine calendar. Although All Saints’ Day is now considered to occur one day after Halloween, the two holidays were once celebrated on the same day…..

I’ve never really get myself involve in Halloween.
I dunno how fun it can be having people who dress up strangely walking beside you…

Now imaging this, you are surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of them…

Halloween 2009 (79)Halloween 2009 (101)Halloween 2009 (108)

Halloween 2009 (58)Halloween 2009 (69) Halloween 2009 (64)

Halloween 2009 (53) Halloween 2009 (45) Halloween 2009 (44)

Halloween 2009 (115)Halloween 2009 (18)Halloween 2009 (21)

Halloween 2009 (4)Halloween 2009 (5)

Halloween 2009 (102)

Halloween 2009 (10)

If Zouk~ is one place that you cannot miss during Halloween,
then the streets in Woodlands Drive is definitely the another one.

Halloween 2009 (25)Halloween 2009 (8)Halloween 2009 (9)

Halloween 2009 (61)

Halloween 2009 (100)

Halloween 2009 (74)

I heard in total there are like 3000+ people roaming around the estate during Halloween night.
I was there yesterday because of filming ( 主妇的春天 Housewives Pte Ltd, you must watch out for it! ).
For an hour plus, I clicked none stop… haha!

Halloween 2009 (32)

Alright, I know I have to improve my photographic skill.
Some photos sucks big time! haha
But it’s no easy taking pictures when they don’t stop and pose for you okay!
Everyone was like busy collecting sweeEEets and running around…
I’ll do better next year, I promise! 🙂

Click below for the complete album!

Halloween 2009

19 thoughts on “Halloween 万圣节!”

  1. I don’t think this is SIngapore until u said WOODLANDS DRIVE. Was that some school and their students celebrating the day?

    ( Nope. It’s the estate. Try google for it – from 22 )

  2. HIhi, i was there too… at ard 6+pm and stay till like 9pm… that place is reallie cool… tink i will be there again next year….

  3. ha at first i was telling myself, i can never expect this to happen in S’pore. S’poreans seem to be a little too shy to dress up? haha. But well, i’m not exactly wrong huh, from what i see, most of the people who dressed up are ang mohs!

  4. Ohh… this looks fun… Didn’t know somewhere in Singapore people really dressed up to celebrate Halloween! N u said there were about 3000+ people roaming around. Ohh my…

  5. Hmmm … But singapore better than Malaysia lol …Here some ppl not open ….maybe they will not allow this celebration ….but …some place got celebrate this event …all ppl used the mask n simple custom..really fun…

  6. Hi Dasmond!
    I was the girl who called out to you and said, “你很帅!” when I saw you at Lido b.i.r.d/ Nike earlier this evening!
    Wanna drop a comment to say I’m pleasantly surprised by your friendliness and I do read your blog,
    so 要继续加油哦(心)~

    ( haha… hi there! 🙂 – from 22 )

  7. Hi Dasmond,

    Do you have any ideas on the 主妇的春天 Housewives Pte Ltd …
    Many of us are unable ot take down the contact..
    Do you mind to help us find the contact ? Even Media Corp forum some ppl are asking for contacts but none responded. My friends are getting due coming Dec, and would like to have the service where the lady help us in finding the necessary things for the newborn etc.

    Pls help…Appreciate it.


  8. HAHA!
    i think i saw you at orchard on fri!
    my bus passed by you and the production team. LOL

    ( haha… isit? how’ve you been? 🙂 – from 22 )

  9. Hi Dasmond, can i know if 主妇的春天 needs some more work at home housewives for more episode? Can i have the contact? I need help with my business and i’m a housewives. Thanks in advance.

    ( There’s only 10 episode, we’re almost done with the filming. You should have sound out to them when they do the recruitment during 1st and 2nd episode loh… 🙁 – from 22 )

  10. Aww, that’s so sad. 🙁
    I’m watching every week and did thought of emailing to mediacorp.
    But afraid that i may not be selected as i’m a young mummy.
    Anyway, its okay.
    I’m contented with your reply too! Hehe 😛

    By the way, this is for your readers.
    I did manage to took down her webpage.
    Sourcing of baby products, can look for Lisa.

  11. hi dasmond! really liked the shirts you wore on 主妇的春天. are they from any particular sponsor?

    ( Nope… all over the place… haha – from 22 )


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