How’s life?

I know I’ve been missing like for a one whole month… haha!

Well, although it’s just a month, but a lot of things had happened.
Things that made me feel really sad, and things that really send me to cloud nine…
But I guess,
The Good might not stay…
The Bad will soon be over…

That’s life…

So, what else?


After a good 2 and a half months of filming, 《主妇的春天》 HOUSEWIVES PTE LTD finally comes to an end…

Housewives banner


Although Driving Miss Foodie ended months back, a lot of my friends still keep asking me about the shops and restaurant we’ve filmed. And… Those that I’ve revisited so far… Nice cake!
Driving Miss Foodie - Zoe tay

MOMOYA Japanese Restaurant
Quan Yifong - Driving Miss Foodie

Spruce Restaurant
Felicia Chin - Driving Miss Foodie

Driving Miss Foodie - Jaime Teo

The Curry Wok
Driving Miss Foodie - Kym Ng

经典海鲜 @ Sungei Kadut Loop
Priscelia -  Driving Miss Foodie


*Busy hunting for someone to do my reno ( yeap, I’m shifting… )
*Buying Furniture ( Getting my new sofa from May Phua’s Shop )
*Trying to get rid of my 8ft Pool Table ( anyone interested? )
*etc etc etc…


Ok, before I go…

If you’re into 京剧, do support!
Poster copy

New season’s Sheng Siong started, every Saturday 8pm, channel 8.
And I’ll be involve in next Sunday Channel U’s SPD Charity Show.
Do tune in 🙂

16 thoughts on “Howdy!”

  1. ooh… 8ft pool table for sale? does it come with cues and balls? how much are u intending to let it go for?

    ( yeap, with cue n balls.. Relocation is about 300+ which buyer will have to pay. So, how much you wanna buy the table for? Give me a price.. Haha – from 22 )

  2. wah 荣少, you are selling but asking for quotes? haha!! will you let it go at 1.3k? but no guarantees that i will buy it, cuz got limited spaces. but i do know of a friend who once mentioned that she might wanna put a pool table in her new house. i can ask if she is still thinking about it. =)

    ( price is not an issue, get back to me if you are really interested 🙂 – from 22 )

  3. It’s been so LONG, since you last updated your blog.
    OMG, at first I still thought you have abandon it, which would be damn sad for us, your 忠實supporter =p
    It’s good to see that it’s ALIVE again =p

  4. hiya dasmond! *wave*

    sounds like u’ve been keepin beezee

    at times busy is good, but remember to …


    *take care of ya!*


  5. “EH, 你们怎么会在这里?”

    Nice meeting u today!
    Jia you for the upcoming charity show!

  6. hi there! i’ve always liked your hosting and today i saw u at amk hub area for the 1st time! sorry for “starring” at you and the other artiste :p i felt quite bad after a while… hope you all didn’t really mind! you’re looking very 帅! all the best in everything u do! 🙂

    ( haha… no worries 🙂 – from 22 )

  7. Hi Dasmond 🙂

    May i know the website of the lady in the 《主妇的春天》 HOUSEWIVES PTE LTD who is making handmade coins purse, bags, card holders etc… ?

  8. Joshua is your god-brother right?
    Why he nowadays feeling so emo?
    Probably, you can help me or rather his fans do something…
    Tell him to cheer up alright!
    We all don’t wish to see him like this and he is like missing in action for GOD going a month!
    We don’t wish to see him so sad.
    Please help.
    I believe as his god-brother you can help us translate this very easy message.
    I saw you in Jurong Point once. ^_^
    Sure it will be easy just to send your God brother a message telling him about this comment on your blog.
    Surely it is easy for you to contact him and comfort him yeah? 🙂
    Anyway, Thanks and nice blog.
    Look really like Joshua blog.
    Thanks and you are really funny 😀
    Hahas, love watching your show too. ^_^

    Best regards,


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