First of all, would like to thank Mr. Leong for his kind suggestion in ST forum. We hear you, we will try to improve, over the fact that we’ve got limited air time, and have to explain the slightly complicated way of playing the game ( through phone, for someone who might not know the mechanic of the game, plus most probably they are at a total loss when answering our call… ). But all these are no excuses. We will try to improve.

Hope you understand what I said above, for my command of English is much worst worse than Kym.

For those who don’t know what happen. Go here!


p/s: issue aside, Kym, you look damn pretty on the paper man!!! haha 🙂

46 thoughts on “English!英语!”

  1. hmmm, i can understand that! cos i was there that day!
    what’s more, even if it’s a negative comments, i think we shouldn’t be upset by it
    Improve from the negative comments!

  2. first, we have an idiotic reader making a big fuss out of nothing, writing to ST forum…

    next, we have a national english paper, probably running out of other better letters to publish, to have chosen that letter to publish instead of other more worthy ones (me guess it’s because this one for sure 100% safe, won’t offend government in any way.)

    worst of all, we have an evening tabloid with nothing better to put on the headlines than to highlight and exaggerate a small complaint from an idiotic reader with 5 HUGE characters 钟琴英语烂!

    ps: instead of “one, two, three, four… what you want?” the mr leong woud have understood it better if he hears “right here in the studio, we have four rectangular boxes numbered in the sequence one, two, three and four… if you can only pick one of them to determine how much prize money you are going to win tonight, which one among these four boxes would you like to pick from?” (spoken in slow-motion)

  3. i seriously think that having a good command of english is not important on the show. besides, viewers cant blame the hosts for it since they should understand its a chinese program. so instead of improving on our english, why dont we improve our chinese? =)

  4. hi dasmond,
    tink u r jus trying to be modest..how can u say ur command of english is worst off than kym?????
    heard u spoken english b4 on tv prg, at least u r able to give a fluent sentences, unlike kym, her command of english is indeed atrocious, (i hv to agree on tat) n she being an ex SINGAPAPORE AIRLINES GIRL.hmm.
    can understand u jus want to ‘protect’ her from embarrassment, but pls don bring urself down juz to make her look good. we viewers r not stupid as not to know whose command of english is better between u two.
    ya..i know its not a english lesson prg, maybe wat mr leong meant is the least she could do is speak simple standard english on national tv..not those kinds like ‘eat wat..play wat..wat u want’..
    NO PREJUDICE, juz my thots !


  5. Yar i agree the pictures of her are so pretty! 另类宣传啦。
    i think that they’re making a mountain outta a molehill, and seriously, why doesn’t anyone complain when any English channel host speak Mandarin like 5-year-olds, ie, worse than how the Chinese hosts speak in English?
    P.S. Technically, Singapore isnt a first-world country though we seem like one.

  6. it’s a chinese variety show ma..i think audience shouldnt be too particular about the command of language..especially when it’s not the broadcasting of news..hence mr leong shouldnt pick on small details..like english.


  7. why pull a fuss over such small matter, tis sup to b a lively ShengSong variety show..kym muz be pressurised rite nw, give both of dem a break..jiayou jiayou!!!

  8. zhong qin jiayou! xu zhen rong jiayou!

    ha.. sounds familiar? 😛

    alrights… just feel that its not the command of the language that matters… cuz been there for the shows and sometimes really there’s overrun due to the person being called dragging time.. keep asking about the procederes and so on. can be quite time consuming so ya guys really got to try and maximize time use, finish explaining in the shortest time possible. and after all, singaporeans are generally very singlish what, so explaining in simple english probably suits most viewers more… and some people may not understand too ‘chim’ english either…

    well after all. its hard to satisfy everyone… so just do your best ya? jiayou! =))

    and ya, that’s a nice photo of kym too. ^^

  9. CHEERUP! dun get upset over this kind of stuff just improve can lerhx but then the time given fer the host to call the winners is really very short so the host are impossible to explain the whole thing rite? and nobody is perfect in this world he complaint to the forum and he tot he is very perfect~~! asked him to come and be the host lurhx he tink it is a very easy job it is NOT okae! like duh……..aniwaes JIAYOUS!

  10. I think it doesn’t matter at all.
    C’mon, its Singapore, it has to have a local flavour.
    We also have to keep a little bit of Singlish.
    Sometimes, thats what foreigners look for in a tourist destination.

  11. Well, I think that one should exert less importance on the form of expression, but rather, on the content being brought across. It is important that the other party is able to understand what the speaker is trying to tell him/her, and not, based on proper articulation – especially during times where speed on a Live show is crucial.

    Go Kym! – well, she earns my respect for her spontaneity and wit. Some people just wish to write to forums so that they can see them name in PRINT.

  12. perhaps the press should go find out if the tv hosts from channel 5 can speak mandarin fluently,or they should conduct a “Chinese hosts speak english” and “English hosts speak chinese” qualifying tests before they can host a show =D

  13. I seriously think that Mr Leong is a little too sensitive and is thinking too much.
    First, it’s a CHINESE variety show and it would be their fault IF their standard of chinese is poor.
    Second, i believe the home viewer at home can better understand the kind of english they speak.
    Third, i didnt even realize there’s any problem when watching the show until i see this post.
    So, i think Mr Leong shouldn’t take every little things so seriously. Afterall, this is a VARIETY SHOW.

  14. Seriously feel that it is a small matter..don’t be upset though ya? anyway your command of el isn’t bad, heard it before and don’t feel that it is bad. like what everyone will say , no one is perfect and it is true.. Jia you!!! always support u!

  15. hey dasmond, jiayou! you3 pi1 ping2 cai2 you3 jin4 bu4! =) when ur angmoh gets better and better, u’ll become super qiang2! and then u can host both english and chinese shows. ^^

  16. Ya this is a Channel 8 chinese programme not a channel 5 programme. Lets say if the caller was a chinese auntie that dun understand (so-called) very proper english then how?(like wat Dasmond said). For example, if u wanna eat a chinese traditional food from china, u wan the OLD man to learn how to speak english juz to sell u that food?

  17. I dont think your english is that bad since you can still post your blog in english. its just that we, singaporean are so used to singlish and most of the time we forgotten the proper way of speaking english..

    anyway, we feel more comfortable speaking broken english, and sometimes, its easiler to understand. kekeke..

  18. Just another typical singaporean out there. Don’t be bother by this small issue, there are too many big issues to be bother in this world.

  19. hahaha 🙂 😛 this is funny…no lah…I believe that Kym english is not too bad…cos she was once an air stewardess and I think being in Singapore, English will be practiced almost everyday…like it or not 🙂 😛 so I m quite sure that both Kym and Das english is all right….just that, i remember reading somewhere that Kym sometimes needs to do sub-standard english for comical effects 🙂 😛 so…hahaha 🙂

  20. oh seriously, don’t feel Kym’s english is that bad afterall. The winners called by both of you understood the english both of you speak, and also, it’s a LIVE show! How to expect the hosts to explain in full the whole concept of the game within such a short limited time?! And what’s more is, sometimes they paused very long… (maybe trying to understand why must they pick from the words “Sheng, Siong, Super or Market”) so Kym is just simplifying it for them by replacing those words with One, Two, Three or Four.

    To add on, Chinese not being able to speak english well (esp. in Singapore) will be seen as “LOUSY” or “ATROCIOUS”, but what about Chinese themselves who are not able to speak CHINESE (their own mother tongue) well?

    Being able to speak some “fluent, good, sentence-structure-all-correct ENGLISH” has created too much self-ego in themselves that they have to criticise others (especially celebrities) just because they can’t do it the way they can. Celebrities are always labelled as having to show good examples… portray good image… bla bla bla.

    Can’t a Chinese celebrity who is able to speak good Mandarin represent Singapore? Rather than some Chinese who can’t speak Mandarin critising of Chinese not being able to speak English well.

    To end off, Kym & Dasmond, 加油!You two are still the soul factor of why we want to watch the show!
    PS: Oh yes.. Kym does look pretty on the papers.. and also on the show! 😀

  21. mmm, i didn’t watch tt show, but i don’t think its fair to say that of Kym over 1 show. I have been watching Wow Singapore with her co-host Pornsak, her command of English isn’t tt bad ah. If not, the foreign tourists wouldn’t have been able to understand her ya?

  22. Hi,

    Don’t worry, we understood u guys on tv perfectly. Your attitude towards the critic is commendable, i am sure your shows will improve tremendously in time to come.

    Oh, i also wanna commend on the Sheng Siong Show, which is one of the best sponsored shows i have watched so far, in comparison to the other shows currently sponsored by other supermarkets. i particularly like the excitement generated by the lucky draw (generous gift-money is the draw). The tempo of the theme music is also a contributing factor. Keep up the good work!

  23. What the? He’s just trying to create news.Besides, i can understand what Kym is trying to say to the viewer on TV.Please lah..its not like everyone in Singapore are English-edu.Even if they are, i can understand that sometimes you need to speak in simple English for the viewer to understand you better. Like Kym uses 1,2,3 or 4 to represent the boxes is a good way.I don’t understand why does he have to create such a issue about it. It’s basically to keep things simple as possible on TV.You don’t have to speak Queen’s English on a Mandarian speaking variety show.Anyways,keep up the good work!

  24. I’m pretty annoyed that some Singaporeans like to associate speaking English to be a criteria to be first world. Most European countries are first world countries but they don’t speak English. Are these Singaporeans going to stop buying Wii, Ferrari, Mercedes, Honda, Panasonic electricals because they are produced by countries that don’t speak English ? How about complaining to United Nations ?

  25. Kym’s english bad? Have you seen how taiwan or hk or china ppl hosts speak english? they even make fun on english! hey, don forget, we are chinese!!!

  26. just think that everyone is entitled to his or her own view and there’s nothing wrong with voicing it out on a forum which in the first place is a platform for anyone to voice out on his or her view on issues that he or she is concern abt so let’s not be too hard on this particular writer who have written to the forum page of his concern abt the standard of English used on national TV which to a certain extent, I do agree with him that the standard of English used on national TV shld be of a certain standard while comedies can be an exception though the issue in question here does seem trifle. nevertheless, one shld thrive to better himself or herself when faced with criticisms esp. public figures like artistes so that let’s not take this particular incident too personally but to face it squarely since it has already happened anyway

  27. Seriously, all these discussions about speaking perfect english is overrated. I mean, c’mon, not everyone in those supposedly ‘english speaking countries’ are proficient in english! I do agree that standard english (and all other languages for that matter) should be encouraged, but not to the extend of 100% adopting it! Think about it: A Sheng Siong programme with the hosts speaking PERFECT english and chinese full of idioms. I think it’ll be DARN funny to watch! Before Mr Leong shoots this letter, he should have at least thought about the target audience of this show. Heartlanders LAH. Not some sophiscated ang-mohs rite?

    WHat’s IMPORTANT is that the hosts’ instructions are UNDERSTOOD by most. Their languages are not meant to be art pieces in museums!

    🙂 Good luck wif the show!

  28. Well, well, well … We are not having English lesson today so it is okay to speak as we like. I think it is not a matter of speaking proper English but communication is about letting the other party knowing what you are trying to say. Nevertheless, it will be good if we can speak proper English every time so as not to influence our younger generation to speak ‘broken’ English.

    For shows like Sheng Siong, I feel that it is okay for Kym to speak as she likes when we all understand her message. We should not be over-reacting for this matter. I do believe I am also not speaking good English since I only just passed for O level.

  29. I don think you all are making it difficult for the viewers to play in the game. In fact, you all used 1,2,3 and 4 which actually simplify the game for non-chinese viwers who got selected.

    I think what makes the selected viewers difficult to play the game is those viewers don even know what’s going on.


  30. There is no fuss in making a complain actually.This help to keep the co-host from improving their english and hopefully can gain more confident hosting future english programe.Maybe sometime people complain there is reason behind it!! But no matter what,host still need put the 100% effort in making the show a success. Jia you to kym n dasmond!!

  31. This Man~Leong is really troublesome~!!!

    excuse me lah, this is just an entertainment show ~! this is not a english teaching program okay~!

    real stupid you Leong Chee Fatt (YOU ARE CHINESE RIGHT~!!!) shit~!!! chinese speak chinese lah, pretend to be an english man, then u go english stay lah~!!

    shame on u as a chinese.

    Dear Kym, life still go on, leave those troublesome people away from your mind, all the best to you

  32. wah! wad a news!
    no lah, i think how u guys said is quite okay..
    cos on phone mah. the more u say, the more unclear..
    so best is short and sweet, ‘what u want’ i think very straightforward to understand bah..
    haiz. maybe can change to which one do u want? haha~ can hor?

  33. i feel tt kym should not be blamed for speaking bad english. this is a chinese program, not an english program. as it is a live show, u can’t be expected to explain in a very short time. i think tt to avoid further embarrassment, the organiser should vet the entries to avoid picking one viewer who do not speak mandarin.

  34. what i feel is that some singaporeans like to complain over a small thing. i have no problem understanding 1 2 3 4 what you want. i also realise that the host will repeat ‘1 2 3 4 what you want’ to the home contestant. so i feel that they can know what the host are talking about. afterall, most singaporeans(including malays and indians) can understand ‘singlish’ so what kym ng say is definitely alright. (it is quite funny too). I would like to ask the Mr Leong – what you will say to the contestant then? – when the show is in a rush.
    what i feel is that the host can still make an effort to talk to the non chinese contestant in english despite it is a chinese show. also, i felt it is funny for the host to use singlish – this can show that they have merge into singapore since they talk singlish. Kym Ng – I WILL SUPPORT YOU. — singaporeans pls dont complain too much! Thanks 🙂

    too add on: my english is not so good too

  35. I really cant believe that mr leong actually complained that.
    we are in singapore, singlish is common everywhere
    i dont think its fair to kym
    she might be saying it with humour 🙂
    kym seriously doesnt deserve this kind of feedback
    she is a great host

    KYM, you have my support (:

  36. to add in,
    dasmond , you and kym’s appearance in sheng siong is fabulous
    you both hosted well, and was able to bring up the atmosphere
    my family and i totally enjoy watching the sheng siong show 🙂

    all the best in your work

  37. Hi Desmond,

    I need your advise. Do you remember the show you host with Kym Ng recommending one spectable shop where you can add on your own designs. Trying to locate the shop but could not remember. Much appreciated if you could give me a tinkle.


    ( apology, can think of any clue from your description… ps… – from 22 )

  38. Hey guys,
    I read all the above posts and waited till now to give my view. I don’t think Mr. Leong mean to complain. What he is pointing out is that tv host should have speaken proper English on national tv, this is so as they are calling on Non Chinese speaking home viewers right? You guys are just jumping the gun and barking up the wrong tree. Let’s be honest with yourself, with poor English you think tourist can really understand you? If mediacorp does not that Mr. Leongs feedback seriously then there’s no point in having and feedback forum as it will just attract bias and irrelevant comments from some .


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