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When we are given a gift, the surface value of the gift becomes insignificant if what we treasure more is the value behind it… like who we got it from, and why it was given to us…

Only when we see no value in it, we will then not hesitate in trading it off.

It’s always sad when the person who presented the gift came to realize that how little the gift meant… especially when he or she had to go through quite a bit for it…

So, when you think of passing on a gift, think of the person who present the gift to you, and the thoughts and effort that might tag along with the gift.


13 thoughts on “Gift, with love…”

  1. I agreed to your thoughts. Also when you are getting someone a gift, if you really get to know what the person likes, it will really mean something for the person when he or she receiving it. Even if not the case, when you receive a present like a book, it will make you think deep what message does the person want to convey to you. A good book will contains a lot of wonderful meanings when you really look deep into it. 😉

  2. I agree to ur thots….Normally we acept gifts…we always think of the cost than the thought…Guess it’s time to reflect on thoughts…on the message being convey through the present

  3. We always present gift with a touch of love. The true value is priceless when comes to what we are giving as the thought and desire we have means more than its price.

    So sad to know that some people take gift by its price instead of the real meaning behind it.

    For close ones, we give them amulets for health and protection. They treasure them as it is priceless when comes to giving protection and good health. Even for those we have in mind to give, it will be something that will benefit in terms of health or something that will be remembered for.

    So, do treasure when you receive a gift as there is a good thought behind it.

  4. Hmm, that’s a very good insight. And that post really hit me, as I’m guilty of it.
    As in, I’m not so mean as to pass it to someone else, but I’ll just chuck those gifts somewhere else (out of sight, out of mind)
    I guess it’s always at the back of my mind that people take the trouble to choose and all, but u know sometimes human nature just prevents us from ACTING right. 🙂
    Thanks for taking the time to ‘hit’ me on the head. Haha

  5. Desmond,yap. I agreed with what u had said.. like whenever the person who i treasure & mind so much as friends who gave me a small bear or card. I will keep & treasure it & keep it nicely as cupboard.. Haha.. if felicia gave me smt, i will sure treasure it & happy 4ever in side my heart

  6. totally understand the feeling. similarly for receiving well wishing cards – the significant being the sincerity beind the words of encouragement or well wishes actually penned down word by word by the sender which requires time and effort spent from choosing and buying the cards and actually thinking and penning down the words before sending off to the receiver. many a times, the cards are just chucked aside or thrown after being read without given the due respect that it shld receive or a word of thanks that the sender deserved. it may seem obsolete to be still sending traditional cards in this increasingly fast-paced cyber age, but it’s precisely in such circumstances that you find such traditional cards so endearing and sweet. thus, when one shld receive a traditional card again, do think abt the sender before doing the usual chucking or throwing again.

  7. ditto, little thoughts dats counts, not e value of the gift..and the pax who crack their head bigbig juz to search the perfect gift 4u

  8. hmm.. it never come across to me that i would give my ‘presents’ away leh…
    till now i still kept all the cards i received. heh. quite wen xin when i took them out to read again..

  9. i always tell my friends nonid to headache about anything for me, in fact i love cards, those simple and not expensive ones.. to me, it’s his/her words that count.. especially sent from far ones..
    千里送éĩæ¯›īŧŒį‰Ščŧ•æƒ…įžŠé‡ 🙂


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