Do you?

Just 2 days, I completed the whole Jap drama CHANGE on the internet ( like what I always use to do… ). I prefer Jap series instead of Korean, umm… dunno why… just feel that the little details in Jap drama touches my heart, plus the fact that I relate more to the Japanese artistes…

There’s this particular scene… Where Kimura Takuya ζœ¨ζ‘ζ‹“ε“‰ sat alone in some hill top, looking at a SMS he kept in his phone…




Do you do that?
Do you keep SMS that means quite a bit to you in your inbox?
Do you go through it time to time?

I Do πŸ™‚

Some memories are too precious to loose… You wouldn’t know when will be the last SMS you received from a particular person, for whatsoever reasons…

Catch this new drama from Kimura Takuya ζœ¨ζ‘ζ‹“ε“‰. I think its good.


14 thoughts on “Do you?”

  1. How mang ep is there for this jap drama?? 10 or more?? Jap & taiwan drama is nice. Hehe. Lan qiu huo is nice. u also can catch this new drama. Haha. At least i noe u still got time to relax. Hehe. Jia you!

  2. Ya…I also do keep sms that has memories in there but at times when my HP required me to send for servicing, I can’t bear to say goodbye to those SMS as it has some ‘value’ in it.. =)

  3. hurhur.

    i’m watching it currently too.

    kimura’s hair looks funny tho..hahahaha..

    try εη”Ίιš†ε²’s (Lotto 6 de 3 oku 2 senman En Ateta Otoko ) δ»Žε€©θ€Œι™ηš„δΈ‰δΊΏδΈ€εƒδΈ‡ .. .
    quite a different takashi..


  4. Me too, like you kept those precious sms especially those words of encouragement which at time motivate us when we are down, birthday wishes, sweet from the hearts etc… I would also run thought those in my in-box, just can bear to delete them away. However, whenever we have change to a new mobile, all those sms which you like to keep, unable to stay w us….

  5. I watched CHANGE too! The finale is esp superb when he gave the 20+mins speech! wonderful acting~
    I prefer jap to korean dramas too πŸ™‚

  6. hmm..yes..
    i also will keep those sms-es in my inbox. though it maybe a simple msg.. but it means a lot to me πŸ™‚ i guess everyone will do the same too yes! hahas.. =)

  7. I don’t… cos its too painful if the person isn’t there for you anymore…
    sms like.. ” i miss u” , “wake up already”, “wake up”, “i am coming home, wait for me”
    its so sweet when its around but its hurts a lot when its arent’ anymore…
    i cannot bear to delete them alway but its really soooo painful to look at them…

  8. hey.. saw u tdy at the monorail at vivo… haha.. new program?

    must be tiring considering u had superband yestd… takkaire k!! jiayou jiayou!! :))

  9. CHANGE is a good japanese drama. i’ve watched it too which part of the reason is because of Takuya of course. I personally prefer japanese drama over korean drama too. It’s shorter and not as draggy as Korean drama in a way. Did you watch Last Friends? it is a really good drama with topics which you seldom see in Japan drama. do watch it if you haven’t!!

  10. Hey…i tried to go into that website where i can view Japanese series – Change but it seems that it is gone….

    any idea where i can view it? πŸ™‚ Thanks.

    ( just realise its down.. ha. Actually if you know wat title u are looking for can google for it πŸ™‚ – from 22 )

  11. Hey, i tried to go into that website – for the past several days. It can’t be that it is down for several days. I think it could be that it probably no longer exists. Too bad, I only watched Change Episode One. I tried to source for another alternative website that enable me to watch it for free. I found it but it is very poor service because it takes a long time to download the clips to watch it unlike I really love japanese series. Yes, I watched Hero movie. I really love it a lot. I really love Takuya Kimura’s unique smile.

    Btw, had you watched japanese series – “One Litres of Tears”, “From My Heart”? Have you heard of another well-known actor – Tatsuya Fujiwara, the household name? What do you think of his acting? He has intense focus and concentration on his acting despite he is very young.


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