Dive Dayang!

I learn my lesson during my previous trip, so… I went diving quietly last weekend… just in case I didn’t manage to bring back any photos or clips for you guys… @@

And here it is!!!

[youtube 29olOKWP4Ag]

The trip with Gill Divers to Dayang was an interesting one, a good weekend get away πŸ™‚

Will post some pictures I took during the trip soon!

Let’s dive and experience the underwater world!!!

15 thoughts on “Dive Dayang!”

  1. Thanks for the video. Look like u enjoy it. Haha. Diving is ur hobby?

    Take ur time to post the pics that u took during the trip. Cya soon.

  2. Yeah~ Thanks for sharing the video! The sea creatures and fishes look super chio!!! And the water is like so clean. ;D

  3. Hahaha…when you MIA-ed for a few days, I suspected that you went diving..hee hee..
    Diving seems fun! but too bad, I am a “旱鸭子” :-/
    Looking forward to the pics πŸ™‚

  4. who was the one fliming the clip?
    u didnt deflower ur camera+housing this trip?
    I love the part the videographer chasing the puffer!!! wweeee~
    I nearly went up Dayang last weekend too btw.

    ( I film it la… ha – from 22 )

  5. Great video! Well, diving seems to be an interesting hobby but I never get to do it. Maybe I should encourage my son to try it. Btw, any age limit for learning diving?

    Hope to see some nice photos you are taking and post them here.


    ( nope, i dun there’s age limit, as long as u r healthy i guess.. ha… – from 22 )

  6. Videoguy, go learn with ur son! Heh^^
    Got small tanks for kids too! and junior divers look super adorable.

    22, u filmed it one ar? I thought I saw u in the clip leh. Maybe not u, all looks the same u/w anyway :p

  7. Fishes free and lovely. Divers were mischievous and fun loving! Like most about that rim of light that was capture beneath the surface of Dayang waters.Diving allow ones to travel to another differnet world within Gaia, to be an underwater “spaceman” ! πŸ™‚

  8. Dude, wat’s with the comment on “The trip with Gill Divers to Dayang was an interesting one, a good weekend get away ”

    Care to elaborate on “INTERESTING”???

    Was it the special home-made chilli paste or the fact that all spare regs were efficiently utilized??? haha

    ( ha.. you are right man.. I’ve got some prob with my reg but eventually solve the prob la.. – from 22 )

  9. Hi!! Thanks for posting the video…

    I only know snorkeIling..How I wish I can go diving..

    cant wait to go Tioman soon in May and and meet my frens of the nature…

    Take care.. =)

  10. I like the filming u did very much, especially the part where u filmed the fish swam from one plc to the other and some others. Hope you will share more the next time. πŸ˜‰

  11. Hi rong shao!! ITs been long… Stil rem me? mMmm… U went Dayang on 5/04? I was in Tioman 5/04!!! We were doing the same thing but at different places… HAhahaah.. This is the best dive operator i dive with.. Everyone’s crazy and fun… Blue Reef Scuba. Haven heard of gill divers thou.

  12. hi, I’m also a diving kaki. Am considering to buy an underwater camera but don’t know which one to choose from. Saw your underwater photos and it’s really great. Which camera did you use? Kindly email me. πŸ™‚
    (p/s: am going diving this Friday in Tioman, 06/06/08!!! this is my 2nd diving trip after getting my license last July. Can’t wait!!!)

    ( I’m currently using Cannon, not too bad… Enjoy ur trip ya!!! – from 22 )


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