8 thoughts on “Campus Superstar 2 – 3rd Semi Final”

  1. ok let me guess.

    female – zhengning

    male – sad to say maybe benjamin. cos one is aunty killer and the other two look rich LOL.

  2. Jing Wu Men is a good song if well performed…depends on how Benjamin performs it…

    Zhengning might not be out tonight cos the genre of songs is sort of to her advantage…My guess is Joanna.

    The guy side…hmmm…hard to guess…

  3. hmm..let me guess ah… ahhh i’ve managed to come up with 4 wild guesses….let us analyse….

    1) if ur the behind the screen production team…u wil koe who wil b out of the competition…

    2) if u’ve on the tv..u’ll c the results on the screen…

    3) if u r the contestant…u koe u wil b out of the competition either if u hear the host calling out ur name/u turn ur body behind to c the screen urself…

    4) if u chck out 22’s blog,u wil oso koe the results…

    hope my guess will turn out right….hmmmm

  4. hahaha juz nw was reali crapping…woah finally decide 2 turn on tv 2watch campus superstar… wa the judges suddenly turned better le sia..got a shock.. but its only juz “better”.

    anyway unless reali miracle happen 2 ben..which is IF his bi ying has lessen + he improve on his singing technique…den he wil b able 2 keep his place there…ha

    n i rem a gal sayin tt dancing is nt the main focus of this competition,but is the singing tt is the main focus..n she wil improve on it… wow!!!! which is reali a miracle tt she koes…i reali wonder hw she koes…shes the only 1 currently who says tt…tats VERY Gd.. Keep it inside u n cont 2improve!

    nt sure bout the ladies though..depends on whether ive on my tv on time…haha.. n 1 more ting.. im curious abt 22’s hands during hosting.. y his left hand’s always up n brushing someting when announcing the results? weird eh..i tink its better if they’re being put down instead? =X

  5. Oh yeah…n also 3 cheers to the miracles tt happened today…the judges happened 2 hv the same thoughts as me n my fren when we’re analysing the contestants !!! Finally lei !!!! cant beleive it man… hope they can “maintain” their standard…for all the competitions… so that the next rd of jue dui superstar when macy decides to join again she wont get out so fast…its a waste tt she out so fast tt time…

    hahaha today’s results out alr.. where r u T Audience?? come out n giv some comments lei hahaha…..dun shy lei…loL


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