9 thoughts on “3rd Semi-Final’s Result”

  1. wiew…BHB sia…lol…let me use ur aug 5 journal ba~~

    After Tomorrow, 22 wil b flyin 2 hk liaoz…

    Who wil miss him huh? Who wil miss him huh?

    I dunno… you know?

    ~Yeahor…u wil koe hw much misses u’ve got when u return2 ur journal…hahah…hv a safe n enjoyable trip Mr Virgo…

  2. hmm, miss uue. hahs. hmms, bon voyage ya. xD hmms, TAKE CARES. buy tinng for me larhhs. hahas. jkjk. TAKECARES.! LOVES. xD

  3. hi,can u upload 3 semi-final result show here.
    cause that day can’t watch it and this saturday also can’t watch it,so sad……

  4. Have a great holiday. Recently the weather is so bad that a lot of pple are sick. My parents are both sick. So do I. So everyone here have to take real care of yourself. It’s does not feel good to work with a sick body. So take care!!! ^v^


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