Bullies… 老三轮车夫被老外欺负!

Got to know about this incident only when I was filming “Let’s Shoot!” this morning… ( I know I’m slow… )

Feels really bad after watching the clips. I really don’t understand how come they can do this to the old man. He’s like working so hard, using his own labor to earn a living…

[youtube KB_GoQ-h9Zg]

Heard they are talents working in Singapore ( part time models ).


Not to mention our local papers, even Dailymail.UK reported it. Shame.

65 thoughts on “Bullies… 老三轮车夫被老外欺负!”

  1. feel really bad after watching the video…. But human is always like tat… Only they are getting old or experience it then they will feel tat wat he has done is wrong…

  2. these 3 angmo is no doubt dirt but the worst is the taxi driver.

    don’t u guys feel very sad tat the comfort taxi driver has do nothing to help the old man, fine he maybe worried but don’t u guys think he shld at least call the police or drive them to a nearby police station.

    such a simple helping hand but he chose to watch the FREE SHOW happening right before his eyes!

    juz wonder if that old man is the taxi driver father what will he do???


  3. I really feel so bad for the old uncle. How come they can treat an old man like that. Is it how a foreigner react when they are at other ppl country. I thought each country have their own culture and we should have respect it.

    I feel sad for this three young man. All these year, what have they been doing…trying to insult others, Just bcos they are rich…HAve money, good career…but no respect towards others…Wat a world have become… :s

  4. such a disgrace n shame… to them, they dun think they are bullying the old man but just wana have fun, that’s why they put the video up, but too bad, every one at any corner of the world will be able to view it n people will find it too hard to accept, especially we, Singaporeans.

    wonder will these 3 guys still dare to step into Singapore?

  5. omg.

    this kind of talents we dont need them at all.
    and they still have face to post up the video.

    they have such cheap character.

    they should get back to their country.

  6. Sigh. 2 pple in 三轮车 can be very tired for the old man liao. Yet now is 3 of them, somemore they are all men, nt ladies, more heavier. Sigh… the worst is never pay the old man. Aiyo… Dunno wat to say… If can, feel like slapping them on the faces. *shake head*

  7. I felt really sad after viewing the video clip… esp when the uncle stood up to cycle and panting… =(

    Though I cried and angry after knowing that the old uncle is bullied… I am glad to know that he did not take the whole incident too hard and he will continue with his business… way to go manz…

    P/S: Could some authorities like tourism board do something to help? This culture is slowing disappearing… We need these uncles to keep it going…

  8. i really pity the uncle..it really breaks my heart whenever i see old people walking on the street alone..let alone this old man tat was taken advantage and being mocked at.. i just hope tat these guys will lose their jobs in s’pore for being rude to this uncle.. SGD 10 is a lot huh? i wish i could throw SGD100 dollars at their face..i dun mind SGD100 dollars at each of them…(i’m a msian) To think tat uncle has to work at nite and had to give tat 3 pigs a ride..maybe we should spread this video around so that no public transport will ever allow them on board..make them walk on their feet!

  9. omg. this is so bad lah!
    they dun want to pay him issit?
    i see the uncle ride until very xin ku leh..
    and they didnt appreciate it at all. grr!

  10. Karma and merits will come to us. If you have been doing bad karma, then bad effect will come to you at a later stage in life.

    This shows us there is always evil side of people who does not know how to appreciate others instead of mocking at old people who is doing a decent earning.

    Believe me, they will get what they deserve in life as this will be the cycle of bad Karma effect.

  11. that is terrible…can’t believe it ppl r still believeing like this….no wonder there is so much unjust and talks of wars going on…haiz….

    they really deserved tight slaps

  12. i feel like scolding dem man with those words dat cannot be listened.. omg. dey are so bad to the old man.. he jus want to earn a living and he seems to be ard 80 yrs old le. those 3 freaking men still have the shame to say those words.. and they have money to pay still say rob! gosh. wad a reason is this. somemore all sit his trishaw.. how can he ride fast oso. so heavy lo. somemore he old le lo. so badddd. maybe dey should walk instead taking the trishaw.. they can run ma. FOC.. faster oso if dey wan.. treat so bad to an old man.. they betta be blacklisted!

  13. OMG! Those 3 angmos, rich, talents of “SINGAPORE” big deal meh? Such a disgrace to be here as a so call “TALENT”. How can they bully that old man? Imagine if someone did to their OWN FATHER and see if they would react the same way as us!

    The old man just want to make a living and these people are making fun of him, how can? I cannot stand it anymore after having to see this video a second time. I can be a prankster, but I won’t do such a thing to an old man.

    Pity this lao bei bei!

  14. oh btw.. i jus find back 2 days ago newpaper.. the trishaw man is 67yrs old.. but da look seems he’s older.. but i think it’s really bad lo.. 3 men squeezing in a trishaw.. how can da trishaw man tk da weight to rider faster oso? say somemore wad slowest taxi in southeast asia.. zzzz. well they got the money to take cab.. why no money to pay him? sigh. somemore at 1st agree to pay $15 for their ride.. breaching sia.. the man walks wid a slight limp lo cos of rheumatism.. so ke lian haix.

  15. this news been super hong lately… jus saw it online few days ago too.
    sighhs. guess some people are jus like tt lor… saw in an article tt one of the 3 guys were contacted, and he said tt they were quite insensitive in what they did, but denied tt they bullied e uncle. but in e end… they still nv pay back the uncle wad =.=…


    haiis. i think it’s smth people in tis service sector hv to accept bahhx…

  16. omg they are really mean. they should put themselves in the old man’s shoes and i think they wunte like it either.

    is there any punishment for them?

  17. Shame on these guys.
    The uncle was even trying to give a good service to them and yet they were mocking at him.
    God knows how these guys were being brought up. We don’t need this kind of talents in Singapore.

  18. hey people,

  19. To the three idiots out there, I hope by the time you reach 76, you will be able to ride faster than him with the same combined weight of you three.

  20. OMG!! these morons and bastards!!

    hw can they do this to that old man.

    Are there any ways tt we can locate this old man and maybe give him some food or money..

    I am someone whom had been doing volunteer work for children and old people and this really pain my heart. He is just earning a living.

    Stupid caucasians!! get your butts off singapore!!

  21. 三輪車跑得快 , 上面坐著三隻老外 , 不給錢 ! 污辱老漢 !
    你說變態不變態 ?????
    該打 ! 該死 ! 讓我見一次打一次 ! 可惜老外的臉長的都差不多 , 大媽我認不大出來 ! 可不可以請那個什麼 ” 犯罪 ~~~~ 圖書館 ” 很愛幫人 , 找人 ! 的那位大哥出來幫幫忙 , 在全島各處貼一貼這三隻老外的照片 , 好讓全城的人認住這幾隻畜生 , 插它的眼 ! 拔它的毛 ! 捅它的屁股 ! 丟給它 15 塊 ! 他媽的 B …….!

  22. if this happens, police can already catch what, they have the evidence to catch, for scamming? come on singapore police, what are u guys doing man

  23. this three man ought to be taught a lesson. i really dun understand why angmoh look themselve more superior than asian? aren’t we human too? can’t they just respect old people. shame and hell to those people out there

  24. screw those ang mohs la.
    come Singapore bully old ppl.
    wth la can.
    go back your ang moh country bully your own ppl there la?
    like all of them wont grow old one day like that.
    can they like use some common sense not?
    shame on those b*stards la.
    go home lah!
    dont come back Singapore la!
    what so called FOREIGN TALENT my ass la.

  25. Fuuck those shameless ang moh lang inside out .
    They just do not appreciate what the old man did .
    They even refused to pay him .
    Everyone saw how hard he tried to ride .
    Very gang korh one you know ?
    Talents of singapore your xi lang tao .
    I am super agitated now alright .
    I detest these kinda shameless freaks .
    Bullying and taking things for granted .

    I am very sure .
    God had seen what actually happened .
    I really hope they will be punished accordingly .

    Aiyah , feel like tearing three of them apart .

  26. those ang mohs are full time b*stards la.
    come Singapore bully old ppl, must well go back your wdve ang moh country bully your ppl back there la. STOP BULLYING OUR SINGAPOREANS LAH! the three of you are a TOTAL LETDOWN to your country okay. don’t ever come back to Singapore lah. ang moh so what? very great is it? don’t come here act seh act seh la. you go back your own country la. there got ALOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT of your act seh friends mah hor. kb sia. somemore call yourselves what, SO CALLED FOREIGN TALENT; my ass is laughing lah.

  27. eh you three white-skin freaks. come singapore do what ah huh?? you all don’t know what’s it like being humans ah? oh ya. you all must be cold-blooded. sad. too bad lah.

    foreign talents??


    get your asses outta here lah. ANG MOHS SO WHAT? we scared ah, we scared.

    SHAME ah you three gays!! next time you all grow old, don’t blame ppl for not being nice to you three ah. there’ll definitely be retribution.

    we’ll watch and see.

  28. The 3 angmo are really inhuman. I really pity the old man. He dun deserved such treatment.. hope the angmo become beggers and being bully by others when they are old.

  29. Although the ah peh was bullied by them, I think he has reached a stage whereby these mindless acts do not bother him that much anymore (refer to report from Dailymail). Instead, I feel sorry for the 3 british. This whole incident only showed how childish and immature they are, and they actually post it on the web to tell the whole world that they are just a bunch of grown up babies!!

  30. this people are ridiculous if i am the thrishaw uncle i would asked my bro and bashed them up just simply childish…..and if i were thr and i saw wadeva is happening i would just help the uncle….

  31. Aiyo the guys are too much..how can they bully an old man and mock at him..the Uncle don’t even understand..that’s really bad..

  32. i felt so miserable n sad for this old man….they 3 ang mohs should not have bullied him…..wad more the uncle dun undersyand their language xia……poor old man…..how i wish i could help the old man with a bit of help at least…..=))

  33. u call those talents? models? goodness they are just 3 friggin’ ugly, balding ang mohs can?! totally not model material at all. if they really are models, then wat have the modelling industry come to?! dasmond, pls go model and show these ugly freaks whom is a model then… Lol… seriously!~

  34. This is ridiculous!!! The taxi driver should know the situation.. my question is, why the driver didn’t manage to come out and help the old uncle instead of travelling those idiots away??

  35. hey Dasmond, i really felt bad for the uncle too. seeing him panting and asking for money frm those terrible men. those men really made a fool of themselves and they put their countrymen to shame as well. I hope that uncle is doing ok now.

  36. what the hell. bastards lahh. tragic pathetics angmohs. ii owaes tot angmohs were nice. now ii knew how wrong ii was. well, we dunnid them s our part time models/talents. at least we ain’t s sarcastic s jerks s them… we knw the principles of life. they dun. simply dunno wad is called ‘discipline’. they got shits of life. they should go ‘get a life’. argh. aniway, ii wanna post dis video on my blog. how do ii go abt doin it.? hmmm hope uncle’s alrights oredi. *read dis article on newspaper* din expect it was much more mean…

  37. how can they do this. that old uncle is working for a living and there they are making fun of him. he’s so old and has to fetch 3 ppl on the rickshaw, they dont know how tiring it is! they ought to be punished. they should respect the old man as he is old and should not even have made fun of him!


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