Army Daze

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Just done with uploading all the pictures I have in my cupboard, which recorded those days when I was in Army.
I’ve always enjoy those days. Especially looking back at it now, those were really fond memories…

From BMT in Yishun Camp ( ‘C’ Company!!! ), 13/93 OCS ( Alpha Platoon 2!!! ) to 4 SIR…

Go through the album if you got time, it might just look the same as anybody else’s army pictures, but if you’ve gone through army, you will know how much it means…

If your ‘ brother, uncle, ex-boyfriend, friend’s friend, father, cousin or whoever’ happen to be one of my ex army mates, do drop their email add or contacts in the comment box ( will moderate it dun worry ), lost most of their contacts already…

And if you are from Officer Cadet School (OCS 13/93), join this!

( Some pictures are in black & white, so look kinda old… I’m not old school k?!! ha )

10 thoughts on “Army Daze”

  1. Well, I was in the Navy but had BMT in Sembawang Camp. Though the training were tough but then had some experiences when I was in Secondary school NCC training. As I was very outgoing sort of person, I had participated my CCA during my school days so able to overcome all sorts of obstacles during the BMT. But my poor team mates had a hard time with the trainers.

    Yep, looking back in those days, it was real joys and happiness that everyone had gone through the training and turned out to be a ‘better’ person.

    Edward Han

  2. owh ic…
    did any strange incident happen 2 u or ur mates??
    haha coz got some singaporean said dat deres stg “funny” in temburong during his training

  3. Hi, often visit ur blog n enjoyed ur entries. 1st time post comments. Was surprised 2 see u at Daiso PS on Monday. U got a nice shirt and it’s eye-catching too! Jia you…in ur work. And yup, army does makes u a better man!

  4. hi! long time since i last came. haha. my korkor is in NS now too. haha. i think it’s like, very memorable for all guys as long as they have been through NS, both good and bad times. hahas. but i am a girl… hehes. and and!! did u see ‘anything’? u know?!! “something” lol.

  5. Hi Dasmond, Happen to come across your blog and have also just share some army photos with my children the other day. It really bring back fond memories. It has been 14 years. Do you still remember who you 2IC during the Brunei and Starlight Ex during your Cadet time? I’m the instructor. Cheers!

    ( ha.. Hi there! Memory failing me can’t really recall how u look, maybe u can drop me a mail with ur photo to refresh my memory [email protected] πŸ™‚ – from 22 )


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