7 thoughts on “Superband 2 Gathering…”

  1. Nice pics. =D

    Hmm i dun think there is only one pic of dasmond koh. Haha.

    DK If i am not wrong this pics i saw it at ur facebook there right?
    It is superband 2 supper gathering right? Wahahahaha. =P

  2. Hey brother Dasmond,this photo is taken at East Coast Park there rite..Wahaha…You can feel free to link me my blogspot hehe=D..Tag me and link me ya..I super like to watch your show lol haha=D…Support you ya..Jiayou..Take care!Stay happy ya..Cya..

  3. Hey Dasmond,

    *Out of topic for a moment. Sorry all.

    I have a Qn here.. hope ya’d able to advice after watching the “Jean Yip Beautiful Couple” show earlier on.

    May I ask if one is keen in participating those makeovers / slimming show, do they have to pay any $$ for those treatments at all? or any fees to submit also?

    Awaits for your reply! (Via email also can.)


    ( nope, dun have to pay if you are selected during the audition. All the contestants you saw on the show need not have to apy 🙂 – from 22 )

    TIA! Cheerios!


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