All you wanna know about my 小白!

Ever since the telecast of Driving Miss Foodie, a lot of people has been asking about my car.

“what car you drive?”
“what’s in your car?”

OK, ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you, my 小白!

My Car

My Car

Haha… this is all I can show you… no branding… !

A little bit of info… I started driving it on 12th June 2008 🙂

My Car

Hanger for clothing …

My Car

It’s a CNG ( concentrated Compressed Natural Gas ) and Petrol powered car.
I’m trying my best to be as environmental friendly as possible 🙂

My Car

I’ve always enjoy driving… especially when I’m not feeling good…

My Car

And just few days back, I , decided to curb the warm weather by installing Automotive Film.

Research… Research…

My Car

And with professional help from my friend Eileen…

my car

I ended up in RikeCool!

My Car

Now, not only it’s more cooling and comfortable staying in the car during bright sunny day,
I’ve got more privacy too 🙂

22 thoughts on “All you wanna know about my 小白!”

  1. i know i know!!! is it a 2.4 car? 😀 anyw how much is the solar film? behind looks real black.. tp pass? btw.. do u think tt white is very diff to maintain? :S haix.. i regretted buying white. 🙁 its nice when its clean white! but mine ended up like zebra.

    ( haha… Mine still pretty white… ahaha. the solar film cost about 800+ for whole car, but diff size diff price lah… Of course TP pass lah… you ask a question that I’ll definitely give you a politically right answer… :p – from 22 )

  2. lol… anyway to correct the cc.. i think think it should be 3.5! must be. since ur solar film can be that ex liao.. should be. knod knod. TP pass…. ok…. (doubt so) lol. anyway its juz a $70. cheap cheap for u la. lol.

    my fren did his car all black and i dunno why.. the TP actually waited at his house for him and ticket him… oops

  3. eileen is so pretty and u r so “shuai” – is she your ehem, may i ask a private question, your galfriend. such a pretty gal, why isn’t she in mediacorp? or a model? u damn lucky guy. n u love the environment! great fella!

    ( No comments…hahaha! *zipped~ – from 22 )

  4. itz sooo neat u are sharin wif us pics of your “beloved” hehe XD

    *neato i say!*

    ♪♫¸¸.•*´`* TAKE CARE, DASMOND! *´*•.¸¸♫.♪


  5. if i not wrong.. your this PI T badge 2.4 wif Moonroof was also featured in one of the movies where you kept sending it to the manual car wash by the 2 ‘boyz’.. bingo? 😀

    ( Ooi… you hor! Dun think I dunno who you are! – from 22 )

  6. hi,

    saw u ystd in tis same top but didnt c ur xiaobai.keke. i thot u would b attendg xxxx wedding since invited SO MANY pple. oops…guess u nt so fren w them? keke

    ( was invited but due to some stuff I couldn’t attend 🙁 – from 22 )

  7. hello,

    how come i have so much “yuan” w u these couple of days, saw u today again, @ crowded Ion.keke. look nice w the specs, haha. u like white alot isit? saw u in white again.

    ( yes, 白马王子… haha – from 22 )

  8. hiyeee, Great to saw you @ Amk that time for the SPD Charity show you are so “Shuai” 😀 added you in your personal acc do accpect yea 😀


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