12 thoughts on “MediaCorp Trade Show 01102009”

  1. love to visit your blog. pics of people i like to see – ann and thomas. thanks for that dasmond! hope u get lots of endorsement in the months to come…cheerios!

  2. heys desmond, regarding the case of u and felicia.. just be very careful with what you say because the media always twist & turn facts. the same goes to mine when i was interviewed & they put in sentences which i didnt say & mixed it up. whether or not she goes for a plastic surgery, all of us can see that. Even if she does not want to admit, we cant do anything about it. As long as you explain to her, she will understand. She should know that you will know the consequences of saying it. You wont be so foolish to do that ma. take care.

  3. I love the video!
    Aunty Lucy hahaha 😀 & It’s funny that they thought you were taking photos 😛
    anw whats the event? o.0 I thought thomas not under mediacorp alr?

  4. hey dasmond can u tell me where ben’s shoe shop is i wanna go take a look thanks!!

    ( The Cathay @ Orchard and Far East Plaza, Shop name is Leftfoot. – from 22 )


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