About "重量级"…

Hey people, take it easy… haha!

It all started from here…


After reading it, umm… it was quite neutral, isn’t it? …was I being condemned in the article? My ‘ang mo’ not very good… @@

Next, Huifen from WanBao called me early this morning and ask me about it… Then, her quite well written article came out on the paper…



However, I don’t really get him…



Last Monday’s group picture…

superband 007

Bidding farewell, our dancing king and queen… Good Luck!

superband 002

16 thoughts on “About "重量级"…”

  1. Omg!

    Just a comment about “重量级” can linked till so many things =.=
    But to me, I personally think that 包小松 is really “重量级” judge, as in he flew to SG for this event ma, so can also consider as “重量级”!

    Haha. Just a random thought.

    Anyway, Dasmond JIAYOU!!! =)

    Support you always =D

  2. 小松 is really the 重量级 judge wat… see no point y the other judge got such big reaction.. feel that he really bor liao lor.. so petty..

  3. Hey Dasmond, I support you! Not to be too blunt, let’s take American Idol as an example. Who would really bother if Randy or Paula gave a good comment about the singer when Simon pin that contestant down? In a variety show, there’s always an anchor man. For the judges, it’s the same. If they’re suppose to be “equal”, then don’t spend so much money to invite an oversea guest over. As for 9 arrows, he apparently was “kan cheong”, that’s why the changed of expression… This just show the difference between Xiao Song who’s 重量级 and one who’s not. BTW, Xiao Song rocks!

  4. haha, i read both..
    personally, i feel that you just stated the facts.
    but the matter was blown up.
    ha. so yupp, anyway.. 🙂
    take care & sleep well 🙂

  5. Wah, why singaporean so sensitive one ? I don’t see anything wrong with this sentence at all. I support u ; )
    说者无心, 听者有意

  6. Xiao Song is indeed zhong liang ji what… Jiu Jian should show some grace & stop behaving like an Ah Gua ( sissy ) ewe!~

  7. hmmm…
    hahas anyway wad u say is the fact.. so i dun see the point why must he bring this matter up so big..even newpaper also publish. tsk! xi guan jiu hao la..hahaha ! nvm.. stay postitive yes! 😀

    but anyway tt jiu jian had kinda piss me off during the start of competition.. so i gt nth much to comment on him just feel piss..=X and i also prefer xiaosong to judge 😛 as for the rest.. no comment..LOL! :X

    anyway again. just do wad u think is right yes! i sure many of ppl out there will support u behind yes!

    jiayou :))

  8. Well, no one can judge others. only The Lord, our King can do so.
    Just let things happened when it doesnt meant to be like that.
    Some more, The world of Stars are always the juicy gossip topic of everyone else.
    Life’s not only like that..
    HE knows what’s going on.
    Dont worries.
    Bad things go and good things will arrive..

  9. hi dasmond!
    u weren’t wrong.
    xiao song is seriously zhong liang ji,
    in terms of years in the industry,
    experience in the industry, no matter productions or composing or performing itself.
    if petty people have to care so much about the ranking and stuff,
    please get them to reflect on what is the total difference that they are not zhong liang ji and xiao song is.
    in the first place, xiao song was hired from overseas.
    frankly speaking, if singaporeans are really that up to standard, why hire someone from overseas?
    not that singaporeans cmi, just that you need some one with more say and more professional to judge and make it ‘fair’.

  10. jiu jian didnt mean that way, the newspaper’s quote of what he said was misleading..

    i dont think he was affected either, he is a nice person.


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