A Letter to the Black car driver

If you happen to read this.

It’s a close encounter.

Please do not expect once you signal, you are able to cut lane immediately, especially when the car beside you is less than a car length behind.

And you have the guts to claim that ‘I’ve already signal!’

You expect others to react and adhere to your impulse and reckless driving as and when you like it?
You expect others to jam brake so that they can allow you to cut lane as and when you want?

Jam brake, risking themselves to be banged by car behind them… Just to make you feel that you’ve got great driving skill.
No one is gonna do that.

I will not risk my mum, my sis and my life for you.

And ya, the way you look with you middle finger point way up just SUCKS!

Pardon me.

19 thoughts on “A Letter to the Black car driver”

  1. I hope you are alright Das.
    It’s really very irritating to encounter irresponsible and reckless drivers on the road.

    Cool down and i will pray that he’ll get the same treatment one day.

  2. hi dasmond. sometimes it’s like that. i had a few of such encounters before. though i’ll be pissed, but i’ll let it go when ppl are in the wrong.

    and sometimes when u want to cut lane and u signal, ppl just dont give way and purposely want to overtake you from the left, esp when u want to exit or filter to the left. and they can be going at 80km/h on those 50km/h roads, just because they dont want to give u way.


    i wonder where’s the road discipline on the roads. and those basic courtesy. what we want is just a simple gesture of sorry, which certainly makes u feel better in the end. not that stupid finger.

  3. It’s sad to hear this. But I guess everyone will have their bad days on the road. If he did not manage to do what he want, he will get irritated, that is why the safety part is totally out of his mind. Hope he reads this and reflect on what he had done.

  4. I’ve met you on the road before ( I worked in Thomson Medical ), you are polite on the road. Speaking about just one car length to overtake, it is rediculously dangerous. I do encounter such drivers on the road too. When they are desperate, they do all kind of stunts!

  5. Me a road user, think you too sometimes will be abit careless while driving, so forgive and forget loh… I am sure he will be thinking you are lousy not to give way for him oso…

  6. I can share how you are feeling.
    Middle finger is too much.
    Singaporean really need to slow down their pace and take things easier.

    ( p/s: you got a boo in 8 days for commenting female drivers generally are ‘not so pro’ driver… I was luffing at it when I read it… and I must say I kinda agree with you. lol )

  7. U are a celebrity, everythingu do or say will be magnified. And even if u r not wrong, ppl will point finger at u becos they know u cannot do anything. Like pointing finger at u. U cant do it back. And he will sure badmouth u to all his friends.

  8. haiz.. to me.. i feel that all have to obey rules.. drivers have to obey drivers rule.. …those walking also have to obey simple rules such as jaywalking… feel that the police should be strict on that… set up blocks to catch jaywalkers..

  9. 22, next time this thing happen again, flash your highbeam headlight at least 10 times at him and intercept him from the left, turn on the hazard light and stop right in front of him. u don’t have to get off your car. just a 2-minute cheap thrill to give him a taste of his own medicine.

    22, i think u’ve got a real mild character. in Singapore, driving is like that – they like to take u by “surprise”!!!

    it sucks!!

  10. 算了吧。大人不计小人过。像这种事情一定会困扰你一阵子,但别把他放在心上也别再去想太多就好了。不要抱着任何报复的观念,一切自然而然就会风平浪静。

  11. DK,

    Not surprise, a lot of black cars drivers are lydat, drive ma chiam their ancestor’s road. One fine day he will get it

  12. Driving in S’pore is that stressful lor. What 2 do….My hubby also hates this kind of driver, signal last min n expect pp 2 give way 2 them. Inconsiderate, dun think of other pp’s safety. Nowadays, pp dun think b4 they do or act, so get into trouble easily. Nvm, God will punish them someday.

  13. totally agree… experience be4.. but lagi worse.. taxi driver.. nv signal juz goin to turn in.. almost hit my car… so bo bian have to turn away n risk hitting other cars.. zzz…

  14. 22 i know wat u mean – those sickening drivers.

    dun let yr mood be tarred by them.

    i can see u r a great friendly guy who is a role model to many!!!

  15. 我真的觉得,有些开车的,离开了学车/考车中心就全忘了怎么安全驾驶。那天,就有一辆车,印象中是 suzuki的,无端连signal都没开,闯入我的车道,害我得紧急刹车、换到左边的车道(还好当时没人)才躲过一劫!

  16. tt is one joker on the road. there are many jokers on the roads of singapore. this kinda ppl sure nxt time tio accident one. they think is their father’s road tt why they drive like tt. i oso cnt bear with this kinda idiots on the road… PATHETIC LIFE THEY HAVE.

  17. Yup, you are right! These jokers expect others to watch their backs for them. As long as the front is clear, they will signal and change lane almost instantly. Expect people from the back to take care of the rest.
    I think most driver just take it that if you bang the rear of my car, it will always be your fault and you will pay for the repairs. Hence they just don’t bother to watch out for people at their back.
    The space I kept in front of my car was meant for 2 sec rule, not for these people to cut into my lane just like that! After they cut into my lane, I will only left less then 1 sec spacing to jam brake!
    Signal first, give me enough time to slow down and let you cut in.

    btw Dasmond, is “brake” not “break”,,,,,, 😛

    ( haha… got it 🙂 – from 22 )


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