8 thoughts on “Driving Miss Foodie – Felicia Chin's Trailer”

  1. Hi Dasmond, any repeat telecast for this week Driving Miss Foodie episode? i cant watch it tmrw. =(

    ( not that I know of… from 22 )

  2. 22 – no offence but bad choice of miss foodie here}}} – how about zoe tay? i read somewhere zoe tay will be shown. when 22?? pls tell zoe i’ll be watching out for her segment. how about fann and aileen?

    ( This season only 13 eps… Zoe will be the last ep… The rest of the names u mentioned, unless there’s a 2nd season then we can try to get them on the show. You guys feed bk on Mediacorp Forum if you really think Driving Miss Foodie is nice, and ask for a 2nd season lah… 😛 – from 22 )

  3. 22, i can feed bk at forum, but scully suay suay kenna the person i hate (xxxp) or this fc, then ain’t i shooting my own foot? since someone ever mention not to screen fc, still screen. as viewers the only thing we can do is to turn on when our favourites come out, like ann, kym ng, michelle chia, priscelia. these 4 so far the best. the choice of pple for the rest including 2nite’s episode not ideal leh…notice dat sometime feedbk they dun care also..so many pple say dun like xxxp but still have her show (as prostitute).

    anyway, 22 i know u also dun have control. thanks for recommendation. u getting very relaxed in yr hosting these days. when u r relaxed, u speak/host better. i like it when u r relaxed and confident when hosting. i hope they also give u a funny role like aunty lucy – then yr chance will be very good for sa2010 lor. think zhou chong qing super popular now. i hope it be the same for u. u have likable personality.

    ( 🙂 – from 22 )

  4. Hi, thanks for the prompt reply. I had managed to catch this episode [recorded!!] Anyway, i love the way you host. Great Job! 🙂


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