Go for it! q(-.-)p

I didn’t know I can make it… He believes in me.
End of the day, I really pull it off… *phew

一线之间 大结局
[youtube -TBtv5wqncM&rel=1]

After that, I keep hoping I’ll have the chance to work with him again… and then, there is this… 想你的时候…


thinking of you

He’s teaching in an acting class in June… You never know where this can lead you to… So ease your schedule for that 2 days, and have a ‘hit’ at it 🙂

Idol class

June 11th & 12th
9am to 6pm
Enquiry 97833734

Wanna know how experience he is? haha

Idol class

Idol class

Idol class

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