7 thoughts on “Cynthia Koh – Driving Miss Foodie Trailer!”

  1. hehe i love your hair! hahaha can share who from where cut ur hair? thanks!

    ( I cut it @ Heatwave, marina square… my stylist is Joanne Er… 🙂 -from 22 )

  2. I have search for Muscular dystrophy medication for ć‘šćˆæ˜Ž , Switzerland have one of injectable products for Muscular dystrophy.

  3. hey there’s a video that u made which was.. e dive trip in kk.
    Whar’s e song of e video? Mind telling me? I love e song/video 😀
    Very nice!

  4. Hey Des! Been a year since last saw u man! *of coz u wunt remember me* anyway there is something i need to email u for. Drop me an email if possible? thanks! =) Jace
    *the girl from campus superstar sp/ one of the followers LOL*


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