Book @-@

Everyone has got their own little way in recording their thoughts…

Pictures, videos, writing … and trying very hard to remember all happenings in their hearts (umm……)

The thought of writing another book came to my mind again today…



以文字 抒发情感
它就会象 享用美食一样
细心咀嚼 用心品尝 的机会

Maybe I should really work on it… ha…

29 thoughts on “Book @-@”

  1. Hey Das,
    WORK FOR IT!!! IF u are working on the book…need help approach me freely ok???
    or u need 1st reader…I hope to be one….hahaha
    Writing books is a good thing to do actually 🙂

  2. DK,

    It’s good to have ur own vision and dreams! Let this book of urs mark another stepping stone in ur journey in Yr 2008!

    Stay focus to ur dreams! Dun get distracted by the past painful experiences.

    Take care!

  3. Hi dasmond!

    今早看到你的book@-@entry, 很开心!
    有这个想法,就work on it.

    慢慢来。 欲速则不达。

    好书一定买。 哈哈~ 你还没写就给你压力。

  4. Hi Dasmond,

    GO FOR IT… This time round, put in “slightly more words”…

    A little suggestion… If possible, do something like autobiography. I know it’s quite difficult to pen down so much words but I believe it will be an interesting project.

    Looking forward to your new book.

  5. 雨说天空也会流泪, 玫瑰说爱情总有枯萎, .离别说寂寞无滋无味,咖啡说活着得习惯苦味! 路一走就累! 酒一滴就醉,雨一碰就碎,只有 朋友最珍贵!

  6. Hi Dearest Dasmond

    I’m definitely for it.. 😉 though cant be of any or much help but behind u k…I’m not a gd helper but I’ll be ur great supporter. Lookin forward to it yo!!

  7. Good to “see” u kinda better, though e ‘ha..’ seems diff frm usual..wanna see a Happy Rong Shao okie 🙂 Happy 2008 and TAKE CARE! Zhen Rong jia you!!

  8. Yes yes! do write another one! 😀
    I’ll be looking forward to it!
    I think your writings are inspirational and thought provoking(:

  9. hey dasmond.. hee my comment is not related to this entry.. just wanna tell you that i watched today’s “let’s shoot” and i like the way you asked questions.. straight to the point, yet it doesn’t sound rude.. i dunno how u do that *claps*.. haha and i also like the way you ask questions that will delve deeper and deeper so that we as audience can know and understand more about the interviewee’s situation.. and i like it when the questions you asked were not affected by your emotions one.. very pro.. but too bad i think cuz of time constraint sometimes you all have to cut off interviewing prematurely like that. nevertheless. it’s last episode next week, and i hope there will another series soon! continue to jia you k! next year star awards u should win the best host award mah.. hee.. or go back to FM93.3 lah! miss ya voice on radio man!

  10. heyhey dasmond i finally got your christmas present! abit late i know but i got to my letterbox late mah 🙂 thanks a lot!! (but you spelled my name wrong in the book but the name on the envelop was correct :S)9

    (oh no… my apology… – from 22 )

  11. Oh cool!!!!Writting books are cool man!!If u have the time,why not?U should do it man!ROCKS ON DUDE!!!!I still never see u in mediacorp leh hahas!I always see felicia inside,she damn nice please!!!!!FLYING KISS TO HER!MUACKS! XPPPPP STAY HAPPY ALWAYS DESMOND!!!! KOH! XD

  12. Hi Dasmond. Juz to say hi here. In case u always only know my initial in your blog, I’m the 1 talking to you while w the Superband Sean. Hope his name is correct. And Hope that aft meeting u a few times and while u reading what we write here, you won’t feel stranger about us. 😉

  13. Is a good thing that you are good in words. At times, words is always a good way to touch people. Just go for it. Whether it turn out well or not, at least you try.

    Jia You.

  14. Go for it. Sorry, I won’t be able to help as I am very bad with writing. I can sit there for hours but nothing comes out.

    Anyway, my family loves watching you on air. You look smart in all your outfit.


  15. 从来不知道如何表达自己的我
    非常喜欢中文字… 它所可以表达的意义, 含义… 我还找不到其他可以替代的语言

  16. this is a personal thought. as one advanced in age, there’s a great urge to try to capture as much of the present as possible, be it in the form of photos or penning down thoughts, etc. – something to remind you of yourself when you’re still not that old. maybe that’s the mindset of the the 30 somethings …………………………………. not too sure whether you’re feeling the same way as I am but have been feeling pretty much like that from the beginning of the year, I’m going to be a 30 something this year. a lot of things came to my mind, I used to be happy being single and carefree – I mean who needs a man anyway, if I can live without a man for so long in the past and my bad luck with men then why bother? (which have been the case for so many years) but suddenly feel that maybe I’m missing out on something in life – maybe it’s because of my younger bro’s recent wedding or maybe it’s the coffee prince korean drama I’ve been watching or maybe I start to feel old already and keen to find someone who appreciates my looks while I still can – women! always worrying abt when that wrinkle or crow feet is going to appear, sigh! sorry to use yr blog as a platform to pen down my thoughts, just thought that maybe you might feel abit of the same, that’s all

  17. and trying very hard to remember all happenings in their hearts (umm……)
    this is very true la… perhaps sometimes inexplicable thru words… ya? 🙂

    came to read about someone got ur card late.. sigh.. tgt w frens, we were late to register for ur card posting.. will anticipate coming xmas.. :p
    may ur new year 2008 be filled with happiness and love 🙂


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