?????????????????? @-@




CruZ ????????933 ?????. ???????, ???????…

????, ?????????!

??????????? * ; *



13 thoughts on “???”

  1. i agree with u – that old picture ???lo!!! i would even agree that you look like a “?” cept that i dont know how to read that.

    oh well, for those who can’t (be bothered to) read the chinese print, the pictures seem to be saying that you’ve aged well. it’s grrrrrreat publicity for u!

  2. LOL. Yup, i do agree that the pic is really ugly. But seriously, putting on braces does make a difference, I can testify to that since I did benefit from it as well. Hiding my past pics under my bed so that my evil bro won’t use that to threaten me in the future. 🙂

  3. chua dai di tian wang,

    you seems rather “zi lian” for a guy, a good thing to a certain extent ……………………

    congrats on yr new pad and send my regards to Tom

  4. Wearing braces and removing the braces would caused change in ur face. Esp. the chin lor. It’s true lor, cause I had also wore braces before and I know there would really cause the chin to look shorter after removing the braces. =)

  5. hmm…so this is your blog…
    goodness…how come got such a ugly foto??!!
    and…not anonymous, do i know u har?

  6. I still remember you asking me to go put braces. Hahaha.. But… I still have not do it 🙁

    I agreed that you were skinner than.. And now you look better!


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