5 thoughts on “?????”

  1. ?????!! ?????!
    ?????????????????(hmm except Sat and Sun lah)
    btw…I saw you at VIVO (Jean Yip) yesterday leh!!!!!…was busying browsing through those window-displayed clothing when my colleagues shouted DASMOND KOH leh..I could not
    believe my ears and asked..where? where?…so gum manzzz…anyway, you looked handsome and cute yesterday and always lah AND I cannot see any mini double chin lor…but a bit stern looking leh..perhaps being a handsome thorn among the roses ba..hahaha

  2. hahaha…I like your room design! =)
    Hmmm…U looked a bit similiar as my brother yo.
    And I think we got the same “disease”… =D


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