Working Hard…

Working hard on the new web design… Pls bear with me for whatever pages that appear to be messy for the time being.

Have a great weekend EveryOne! …. while my orr-bak-kak getting darker and darker!


6 thoughts on “Working Hard…”

  1. I was about to say light grey CAN be seen on white backgrd until I start to type in this box before submitting comment. -.- the only thing deterring me from making spelling mistakes was mozilla’s natural spell checker. oh my change the typing box’s color!

    hmm actually i juz wanted to ask why is the 22 there. haha

  2. ya like what cruz sae dont mess around with your template. Out of the sudden i realized that everyone is trying to design their own blog. :p That of course include me.

    Anyway hope that you do have enough rest ok..remember that you will be on TV (LIVE) on sunday :p


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