What will You do?

The call to be environmental friendly is not something new, but the question is, how much are we doing?
I’ve got in touch with NEA ever since I started doing the show commissioned by them on MediaCorp Channel 8…

NEA Show banner

And I’m glad that they’ve set up a Clean and Green Singapore Facebook Page.


Everybody who is in the grp, I believe, have got the heart to make Singapore and the World, a better place to live in 🙂
So, be a part of it!

There’s a lot of things we can do for the environment, without jeopardizing much of our daily lifestyle…
It might be just that little effort, but combining forces, it can definitely snowball…

And for those ‘no lucky draw, no prizes… no motivation’ type of people ( haha ), there’s a contest you can take part lah!
Just post a photo of how you ‘go green’ in your daily life, or post a video of a creative rendition of any 4 lines from the lyrics of popular Clean and Green song will do…

What’s the contest?
Let’s Make Our World the Most Beautiful Home!
from now till 20th May 2010

If you ‘heng heng‘, you might walk away with a pair of Universal Studio Singapore tickets and 1 night stay for 2 at Hard Rock Hotel (RWS) hor!

心痒痒?Remember to visit the site!

1 thought on “What will You do?”

  1. hi dasmond, glad to discover that there is one more fellow countryman who shares the motto of ” going green with the environment”. With the lovely theme song & good effort put in by NEA, EARTH HOUR Campaign going on, more TV Awareness on our planet Earth etc, people & society are finally getting some wake up call. Thank you for promoting this spirit esp when your industry helps you to be more exposed to a larger mass. jia you!!

    ps: Do catch the ‘EARTH’ movie showing at Lido. It was my very first time catching a movie that was not the typical kind with a storyline cast by good looking people. Nope, nothing at all like that. In fact, you’ll see no humans at all. According to reports, it took the production team a whole 5 years to make this movie, trekking the animals’ journey from jan to dec!!! Won huge success over in US & Japan. It never dawned upon to me that a predator will lose to its prey.(I always thought lions should have no problem preying on a helpless calf. But when it comes to an elephant? Woohoo. tough match! But how about 30 lions preying on 1 huge elephant which might stomp them to death anytime? yup, that’s right. tough fights like those in Ip Man movie. ) & I never knew, by natural instinct, a predator will prey on calf instead of the adult. Sounds like common sense right? Why would something prey on something larger? But the movie showed me otherwise. (when you are desprate, anything becomes illogical. A desparately hungry polar bear – thanks to global warming – actually took a gamble to fight a seal much larger than him with the hope it’ll became its meal at the end of the day. Poor guy, all he got in return was…) Hmm…& last but not least, have u ever wondered how high a nest of for ducklings is? if you have no idea like i did before the movie, you’ll be amazed after you catch it. & i’ll make a bet, anyone who watches this particular scene will smile naturally and for a long long time before the next scene comes in…LOL!! its definitely worth your ticket money ^.^ i strongly urge everyone out here, for once, catch a movie whereby your main leads are beautiful trees, never-seen-before dancing birds which chirp like a witch, great waterfalls, poor little polar bears swimming in the icy cold water in search for higher grounds, animals travelling around half the globe in search for paradise & more)

    loveearth,com =) cheers!


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