Two Sides…

There is this saying.
There is always 2 sides of us.


For any good obedient boys and gals, there’s time he or she longs to be let loose and display their rebellious side.
Evil thoughts sometimes do creep into the mind of well mannered Gentlemen and Fair Ladies.
Angels do grow horns, just that they know how to take it down.

You must be thinking why I suddenly said all these…

Well, a collegue of mine, whom I always thought he’s nice, displayed some attitude today, resulted in delaying everybody’s time.
And very pai seh to say, I also give a ‘black face’ in return (ya, go ahead and say I’m not professional…which I already know la!).

My apology to those I might have annoyed indirectly.

This part of me seldom appears ok… I’m generally nice la! Ha Ha 🙂

9 thoughts on “Two Sides…”

  1. Well… sometimes we are just waiting for the Right time, Right place & Right person to switch us over…

    Take heart…it happens!

    As for me… I am also waiting for the 3 R’s to take place to make a drastic decision…


  2. hmm. i think i can rougly guess who is that colleague. lol. anyway, theres an angel and a devil in everybody. so i dont really dare to trust people. lol.

  3. I think in the course of working, due to some misunderstandings(ie:showing attitude),will cause unhappiness among fellow colleagues.But hey, who doesn’t have a halo and horns? Hehehe…i mean an angel and a devil. It’s normal! Sometimes i does that myself too(So am i not being professional??)But at the end of the day, we all are people with BIG hearts,don’t be bothered by this kind of behaviour or people. ^_^

  4. There is an angel and a devil in everyone.
    An la, sometimes you need to let loose. 🙂
    Who are we to say you are not professional or wrong …Cheers!

  5. At any single moment, we are always put into positions to affect what’s going to happen next..

    In your case, is apparent to me that you have chose to b true to yourself..


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