Triple Sssss…

Sea… Sand… Sun…

Phuket 2008

I never thought it was going be be so soon. When I got back from Phuket last December, I was thinking it would take at least 9 months before I could plunge into the water.

I’m going Phuket for diving 9 days time!!! Haha!

Phuket 2008

Phuket 2008

There’ll be 7 of us this round. Gonna be a slightly more relax trip… Too bad Philip, Joshua and JJ all couldnt make it, but dun worry, I’ll still have fun.

If you wanna know how fun diving is, and see how interesting the underwater world can get… there is a open house for Gill Divers, bring your friends along and get to know us, we’ll teach you how to ‘breathe better underwater’ haha πŸ™‚

Open House details is here…

21 March 2009
5pm till late…
37b Hongkong Street

Or add Gill Divers Facebook πŸ™‚

For divers out there, let’s organize a trip and go dive together soon! Yeah!

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  1. Hi!!bout Wong CK, I’d like to help..but he didn’t leave any email or contacts behind after he visit our blog la. Sorry πŸ™ Anyway,do have a safe trip ya!!

    ( no worries πŸ™‚ – from 22 )


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