The Four Musketeers?

Celebrated Philip’s bday in advance due to work commitment…

Philip's Bday 2009

And I think this the first time I manage to snap a picture ( or two … ) with all the four of us inside…

Philip's Bday 2009

11 thoughts on “The Four Musketeers?”

  1. Yah first time we see 4 of u taking pics together. 🙂

    I love to watched table of glory. Nice show.

    2moro is sheng siong show le. Haha. Enjoy hosting with her. 😀

  2. hey dasmond

    your brother philip looks like eric moo (巫启贤) in his younger days.

    how about blog about how you know them and how you all decided to be brothers.


  3. Hey Dasmond!
    I’ve remembered seeing you in old turf club in your friend’s shop…
    I was 9 that time(quite young)…my friends called me to get your autograph…
    but I didn’t…too shy…ha ha…but you gave me your autogragph saying “Hello Christina!Nice to meet you!
    Don’t be shy.” I kept it till now…ha ha…hope to see you there again with Joshua!So I can pick up my courage to ask for your autograrph again:)Hope you will reply me:)

    ( ha.. now u r still young… hope we’ll bump into each other again then… 🙂 -from 22 )


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