To begin, I would like to thank each and everyone of you out out there,
who had somehow or rather, given me the chance to be involved in your life.
It might be a minor role, but I’ve definitely learned something from you…

Over the years, I’ve met countless heavenly sent angels, disguise as ‘friends’.
They helped and guided me in times when I was lost.
I forgotten how many junctions I’ve come to, where I’m suppose to choose left or right.
Finally, after making tons of decision, I’ve arrived at where I am now.
And I’m happy.

On this special day, once again, allow me to thank each and everyone one of you out there,
who had helped in making me who I am…

p/s: Happy Birthday Daren! ( Yeap, Proj SuperStar Daren 🙂 )

[youtube HMBMhd-bodM&hl]
(Thanks Jiayu, for coming up with this clip… 🙂 )

And the thoughtful birthday wishes…
Philip Joshua JJ Daren Joey Swee Tan Ling Zhi V2 Opig Hao Jie Amy TK Jean Toh Sam Wong Yi Fong Evelyn Priscilla Cui Fang Leo Wen Yao Yi Long Shun Long Bo Thai Cally Yan Wen Yi Liang Li Ling Alvin Tang Cruz Alfred Tang Mu Fa Zan Jia Wei Yu Yang Javin Mei Ling Reshel Jelyn San Chin Felix Wei Wen Rui Ming Vincent Ng Fiona Cynthia Eugene Chen Xiu Li Rui Yan Rui Ling Agnes Gillian Mei Lian Carolyn Philip’s Mum Michelle Chong Serene Cleo Tan Hui Ting Vincent Vivian Michael MAC Hui Yi Neil Frida Marcus Kwek Peggy Chang Lenus Chong Eunice Boo Phyllis Leonard Yi Liang Shi Yun Lawris Low Rao Zi Jie Shawn Tok Zulkarnain Hassan Heng Poh Seng Weeteck Yeoh He Guo Hao Fawzie Jee Yon Joanne Er Sheena Goh Ernest Loh Jaime Teo Shun Rong Mei Si Yang Yang Andrea Xue Ling Robin Adelene Koh Justina Chong Astrine Steve Lim Cassie Lim Connie Chae Sharon Toh Dorcas Ee Min Terrence Zhi Lun Wei Lun Janice Jessica Li Fen Sylvia Lau Hiroshi Auston Cai Stephanie Jun Wen Hui Xian and all from the comment column 🙂

did I miss out anyone?…

37 thoughts on “Thanks…”

  1. Happi Birthdae to u,
    Happi Birthdae to u,
    Happi Birthdae to Dear Dasmond,
    Happi Birthdae to u. 🙂

    May all your wishes come true. Happy 22.

  2. Hey Dasmond!

    Happy Birthday.. Suddenly thinking of it, been such a long time since we faithfully listened to you on radio’s 11pm-2am slot, until now, watching you on all shows on TV.

    U have definitely grown loads and here’s wishing you et another fruitful year in life, love and work!


  3. Hi Dasmond,

    Happy Birthday to you. You are 11 days aft mine and it’s a pleasure to have known u in some ways. And wish u all the best in 2009. 🙂

  4. Happy birthday to dear dasmond!!! May all your wishes come true and have a fruitful year ahead.. stay happy n heathly always.Hope u find your true love soon.. Best of luck… ;p

  5. BONJOUR Dasmond,
    Was it your birthday yesterday!?
    Have yet another great year ahead!!

    ( Hey! such a huge surprise! Thanks… Hope to cya soon… 🙂 – from 22 )


    hahas. did u enjoy ur birthday? i was busy dating macroeconomics. and today is the paper, so i only have time to wish u now. (: stay healthy and happy always! =D

  7. Hey Dasmond,Happy Belated Birthday to you!I know i late wishing you happy birthday to you!Cause no time to read your blog haha=D…May all your wishes come true and May happiness be with you all the way…Take care see ya..And also feel free to read my blog at

    ( woo… thanks pretty 🙂 – from 22 )

  8. Hi Dasmond,

    (Actually this greeting has sent to your email some time ago… Hope that my late wishes will not be too late.)

    HAPPY birthday to you.

    HAPPY is quite hard to find.
    HAPPY is in front of you – no one treasure.
    HAPPY is beneath your heart – you do not even know.

    Simply, I wanna you to be HAPPY every day.



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