TeleMovie 想你的时候

Started working on the TeleMovie 想你的时候 this morning…. What’s that?

A TeleMovie by Innoform. On sale in DVD form when it’s ready for release. Casts include 林佩芬 from yes933, Joshua Ang 洪赐健 ( yeap, will be working with my bro 🙂 ), 琼芳姐 ( my ‘mum’ in 孩有明天 ), etc…

The plot? He likes her, she thought he likes her but actually he is just flirting around that finally she realizes that the one that truely likes her is him and not him but…. haha! Buy and watch it if you can’t understand ( good try huh? … )

Telemovie �你���

Telemovie �你���

Telemovie æ�³ä½ ç��æ�¶å��

Telemovie �你���Telemovie �你���Telemovie �你���

Telemovie �你���Telemovie �你���Telemovie �你���

And, trying to act as a cool smoker… haha

Telemovie �你���

Flip the album!

27 thoughts on “TeleMovie 想你的时候”

  1. LOL not bad hah… so u need act to be a smoker in this show.. Ermmm interesting.. Will get it when’s it out! (GOOD try!!) haha… i was sort of thinking when will i see ur new show (though i did not catch others the last time)

    Anyway when will it be out??

    让我们期待吧!! =)

  2. I also dun like to see man to smoke. I even hate the smell loh. Haha.

    Dun think that dasmond will fall in love with pei fen ba. Haha.
    To me they look like sister and brother. Haha. Good at acting huh? Haha. Lol. =)

  3. im confused lol. is joshua falling in love with peifen or you falling in love with peifen?

    ( wait… dun you understand… I’m trying to lure you into buying the disc when it’s out… :p – from 22 )

  4. Hey, i am frm New Zealand and i am a DJ in NZ. saw ur shows before and i thought that ur hosting style is really good. do ur best. will visit ur blog more often. 🙂 have a good day

  5. Dear you,

    I have noticed your blog and was wondering whether you will be able to do an advertorial?

    Please do reply me if you are interested & further details will be discussed.

    Thank you.
    Sincerely, Christina.

  6. So happy see you come my shop today.. You are so cool.. hehe.. but i forgot take pic with you so sad.. =(

    (ha… Will pop by again when I’m there 🙂 – from 22 )

  7. wow u and peifen acting in movie

    i will definitely grab a copy to support the both of you and peifen

    no wonder peifen was absent from work on thursday… took leave for filming

    anyway take care the both of u… peifen u really looks good in these photos!

  8. wow… teleshow….COOL!!…XD…i siao le … but dasmond and joshua …biological brother!?!? kinda mission impossible…but kinda think of it…u two kinda look alike…..ALIKE


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