Sheng Siong 4!

We kick started the latest season of the Sheng Siong Show today! Pretty fun and exciting, with the brand new games we introduced, thousandX cash give away etc… The show went on smoothly, ending it on-the-dot! 🙂 Our special guest of the show, 2 friendly artistes from Taiwan 神木与瞳 – 黄美珍,赖铭伟. 还是同一句话,娱乐圈这条路不好走,尤其是新人. 星光帮出身的他们实力非凡, 喜欢好音乐的人记得多支持,让我们被更多的好声音围绕. 节目结束后到了乌节路一趟. … Read more