Sheng Siong 4!

We kick started the latest season of the Sheng Siong Show today!

Pretty fun and exciting, with the brand new games we introduced, thousandX cash give away etc… The show went on smoothly, ending it on-the-dot! 🙂

Our special guest of the show, 2 friendly artistes from Taiwan 神木与瞳 – 黄美珍,赖铭伟.



星光帮出身的他们实力非凡, 喜欢好音乐的人记得多支持,让我们被更多的好声音围绕.


Orchard Road 2008

16 thoughts on “Sheng Siong 4!”

  1. yeah!
    watched abit of SS while i was in kopitiam..
    new games some more hor! hmm.. but i tot the previous game was much better.. =x
    passed by orchard on the way home too! many many colourful lights.. haha~

  2. 不知不觉,昇菘到了第四季。恭喜!祝你们收视步步高升。

  3. .. it’s X’mas again..

    (lol.. u and 黄美珍 looks quite compatible.. though i really hope it’s true that she’s with yuming~)

  4. Hmm, and you don’t mind people misspell your name anymore? 😉

    ( Different cases… It would be nice if they know but for this time round, I dun think I should blame them for not knowing… u understand?… ha 🙂 – from 22 )

  5. wahh .. sheng song already season 4 le sia .. haha .. althought i missed the 1ep , but i think tis season wil be more nice , since u said the game are more fun; ) hahas ., ohyah , wanted to ask you hor , regarding the show that you, pei fen and joshua act de . wil it be shown at tv also ?? hahas : ) hoping to see that show soon!


  6. Hiya! Your blog definitely has the potential of being a daily read. Im sure the readers wanna know more abt your personal life and views.Like behind-the-scenes during your filmings, or abit of your personal life. Like maybe some pictures of yourself cooking,(err yes. For example) , or doing some excercise like skating. Your views of the day etc. Yep, so JIAYOU! 😉

  7. hello, great work, you’ve hosted 4 seasons of SS Show.
    Last saturday was the funniest wan… When you n kym called the sixth lucky winner of the 100x draw.

    The caller got the bye bye ring ring. You were dancing tgt with the music.
    That was the funniest. How was it like live ?

  8. cool! hi! by the way I’m a nuffnang member also from the Philippines.. I just thought of visiting other blogs through the Nuffnang site.. then I ended up here..

    how was it to be the host of the show? and as i had read the other comments.. you had been hosting it the whole 4 seasons? wow!

    I really don’t know anything about singapore entertainment but.. you guys are really awesome! Only if given the chance.. I would certainly be visiting your country.. 😀

    ( ha… hi there! well, Singapore is a nice country, do make a trip here somedays 🙂 – from 22 )

  9. Hi Dass. Sheng Siong Show was great! I was one of the lucky winner 100x draw last night 29Nov. Kym called me on phone live.. Any idea how to claim the prize? Thx.

    ( congrats! they will contact you dun worry :)- from 22 )

  10. Hi Desmond,

    Sheng Siong Show was great with all the fun games and fast cash $$$..How to be part of the game??

    ( Contestant are shoppers from Sheng Shiong. Every week they will be drawn out from the receipts they collected – from 22 )

  11. Dasmond

    can i confirm with you, is Eddie Peng going to attend on the Sheng Siong show?
    I couldn’t find any news of him coming to Singapore. But i heard that tv keep advertising
    of him coming to attend the sheng siong show, is it true & confirmed?

    If confirmed that he is attending, which week of the Sheng Siong is he attending,
    are there any more tickets for it?

    Pls update me asap, thks.

    ( he will be appearing on the 4th July episode – from 22 )

    From: AiLing


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