SuperBand 2 – Trailer

One fine afternoon, the 3 host of the up coming SuperBand 2 did a trailer.
The story…

This guy like to play TV games…
ss2 trailer 016

He has got 2 Characters to choose from…
ss2 trailer 025ss2 trailer 011

While he was deciding which to go for… they popped out from the screen and appeared in real life! ha @@
ss2 trailer 022

The End…

HA! Boring narration huh? I bet the trailer will turn out much much better… I think… 🙂

13 thoughts on “SuperBand 2 – Trailer”

  1. Haha. Yup boring narration. Thanks for the photo. Haha.
    Dasmond so yiqing & ming rong will be attending ss show?

    ( dun think so… – from 22 )

  2. Haha, indeed. I m looking forward to the actual trailer!!

    Sorry ah, who is that girl in black? I cannot recognise her at all… is it Liyi?

    ( ling yi from project superstar 2 – from 22 )

  3. whoaa pf looks like a porcelain doll! heh heh. and lingyi looks cool, nv seen her lidat before. u look like u going to th beach… haha…

    jiayou jiayou (:

  4. Hey dasmond,
    PF looks like a cosplay,or rather in 黄飞鸿‘s 十三姨。。。LY looks like a punk rock star…then u somehow look like beach boy leh…if worst come to worst…u look a little like ah beng dressed up,walking down the orchard road …LOL
    Just joking

  5. Thanks for ur reply. Opps. i type wrong. shld be rong ming. Haha. I guess rong ming will be going to ns soon ba. Happy working with peifen &lingyi. Jia you! Take care. 😀

  6. Hi desmond, can i know what is the brand for the singlet you are wearing for the superband trailer? thanks!

    ( tink its from New Urban Male… – from 22 )


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