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13 thoughts on “Stars”

  1. I am one of those who also stare at the sky and talk when I needed a listening ear especially when I am driving home after a long day’s work…if they all really disappear, I will also be helpless and there will no longer be any listeners to me.

    Please, no more GOODBYE’s, then my friends up there can stay… 🙂

  2. In Singapore very hard to really see stars as there are so many lights around us… buildings, roadlights, etc. So dun be surprise if you can’t really see them up in the sky. In places where the no lights around u, I’m sure you can see them. I did, that’s why….


  3. hahaha hello quan yi fong…ni hen hao xiao lei…zhu chi ye she fei chang de hao…ni ju xu jia you ok!

    sg stars ok ma quite nice but sometimes the moon looks horrendous u know like yue4 hei1 feng1 gao1 sha1 ren2 ye4…wolves or zombies coming to get u…reali v ugly moon in sg..clouds surrounding it becomes yellowish..blame it on the clouds?haha

    yeah..sometimes when ur r down mayb can gaze at the moon instead mayb can c some rabbit or chang er coz mooncake festive comin v soon.

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