I was kinda caught up with the filming of new variety show ‘Driving Miss Foodie’ 驾车找吃路.

This variety will debut Jun 10 2009, Wednesdays at 8 pm. Each week I’ll be driving around with a female celeb on hunt for food. Guests include Pang Ling Ling, Fiona, Ann Kok, Cynthia Koh, Priscelia Chan, Kym Ng, Quan Yi Fong, Huang Hui, Felicia Chin etc. 13 parts. Will be blogging in detail for each episode along the way 🙂

Driving Miss Foodie - Kym NgDriving Miss Foodie - Fiona XiePriscelia -  Driving Miss FoodieDriving Miss Foodie - Pang Ling Ling

Sometimes, things just happen in such coincidence…

My car was due for servicing…
And Terry, a friendly & helpful friend whom I just gotta know, handed me this piece of information.


It’s Great Singapore Sales!!! haha
An attractive package by Star Automotive Centre, Vincent and LiLin was there too… 😛


Yeap, I was there to try it out.



Friendly service. So for those who need to send your car for servicing, this is one good choice! 🙂

Before I go off.. This is the 2 clips that makes me feel quite a bit this week…

The hilarious Henikein Commercial. Leaves me with a broad huge smile!

[youtube S1ZZreXEqSY&hl]

And this song by 杨宗伟 听说爱情回来过, saw it again on a repeat programme… still, like the 1st time I heard it, so emotional stirring…

[youtube 0vkjVSmmfZI&hl]

Last, a piece of good news, I’m going Diving in KK in mid June!!!! WOW!
( ya ya… like who cares right? 😛 )

12 thoughts on “STARs and STAR!”

  1. sounds interesting! guess i’ll be able to catch a few episodes when i’m back 🙂

    anw, good that you’ve got time to go take a break 🙂 i’m sure it’d be a fun one!

    ( 🙂 – from 22)

  2. omg~! KK =) do try the white-water rafting and mount KK too !! =)

    ( NO! no mountains for me… haha… – from 22 )

  3. Ya, i must agree that the Henikein Commercial was really funny & well-done~
    Left me laughing everytime i saw the commercial..

  4. hi dasmond! did you learn diving from gill divers? i’m interested to take up diving too (: oh and i love the heineken commercial too, it’s witty isn’t it!

    ( yeap. I’m with Gill Divers… go to and check things out if you need any info… 🙂 – from 22 )

  5. I saw; read the article at that sb shared it at here. Haha. Nice interview with I weekly. 🙂

    Will watch ‘Driving Miss Foodie’ show de. Hehe. Enjoy ur diving and take good care. 😀


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