So, what's everybody thinking about?…


Done some stuff in JB awhile back, and now, it’s ready for collection.

The moment I told people around me that I’m making a trip there to collect my stuff, everybody started to query is there a need to drive in?

Yeap, I’ve read all the current reports.

But… is it really that bad? or I’m just the sole bird being too optimistic?

11 thoughts on “So, what's everybody thinking about?…”

  1. Hi DK…if i am not wrong ur current car is a Honda SUV….its a very lustful car to the car stealers in JB …. try not to drive in there….A once victim here warning u out of goodwill =)

  2. I’m from JB.. and it’s true that JB is a lot more dangerous now.. even though majority of the crime happening these days has more to do with ladies….

    you can probably take a Malaysian taxi from Queen Street who can drive you to your destination in central JB. It costs about S$35 to 40 I think, and you need to take another taxi back. Very tedious, but a lot more safer without your car.

    Or else, just drive in and follow all the safety precautions…:)

  3. The guy who got stabbed by the 4 guys is my good friend’s play mate. It’s safer to go with a gang of friends in a less popular car.

  4. yo… thx for the pointers u guys left in the comments column, really appreciate it. Will take note of all if I’m heading over. Anyways, haben decide when to make the trip yet…

  5. My advice is not to go alone ba..try get a friend to go with you. More safe.. If can’t find anyone can find me also.. :p

  6. Hmm.. actually its ok as i’ve just went there a few days ago.. but try not to go by the 2nd link esp at night.. its really not very safe.. as u noe Malaysia’s police is kidda… bo chap as shown in the news-paper..


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