Sliding Door…

Well, just when I was about to sit down and write a post, my friend send me a url…

Guess wats the blogsite is about?



Ha, really funny pics… and they really spend effort in misleading people who wanna vote for Shawn.

I guess a lot of time, apart from gathering supporters, we also have to face the fact that there might be people who dun really like us… we cant really stop either group of them, so, just do our part and take whatever along the way in good spirit. 🙂

For Shawn’s supporters, his new blogsite is

3 thoughts on “Sliding Door…”

  1. hi desmond, just out of curiosity, how did u know that ( is really shawn new blog? I guessed shawn had told you personally? There have been many fake blogsites going around. People said he was cocky, proud and full of himself after they read his entriy on 7 Aug at his blog (all entries removed at that site). I was caught by surprised how that entry was wrote as it doesn’t sound quite like shawn who would have cried for zijie’s elimination or being disappointed with himself when he knew he didn’t perform well on the ‘Man Tian Xing’ song.

  2. Hi desmond (‘upstair’ 22), thanks for replying. I am glad this assurance of the authenticity of shawn’s new blog ( comes from creditable source like someone from MediaCorp such as the host who can get close to shawn. I am not too sure if you know the ‘saga’ over his previous blog entries esp the more recent one on the 7 Aug at since you were away for holiday. But I hope his new blog is better managed and you maybe could share with him your x?n dé (??) on writting entries so that less unnecessary misunderstanding is created over what he writes. Afterall, at age 13, he is still very young and wasn’t capable to think far ahead (??????).


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