13 thoughts on “Missing Someone…”

  1. hi dasmond, this happen to be my msn nick at the moment. so concidence. hmm missing someone who i do not think i have a chance to ever meet again. wishing he will still treat me as a friend but i doubt is possible. wishing him happiness always

  2. Hi. Thanks for the sharing. But dun really understand fully wat it means. Missing someone to me seems more of a ‘used to’ issue after a long term period later. So mayb this is nt so meaning a lot to me ba. 😉

  3. It will not get easier if you know that you will never see that person again :'(
    You can only hope that time really can heal…

  4. wow!!!
    its so true!!!!
    missing someone really gets easier every tym!!!
    even if dat particular person is not by dier sides for even a minute or second.. one tends to miss dat person dearly!!!
    may i knw whr u find dis kinda quotes??? i may nid it for my Moral Social Education in skol!!!

  5. Thanks for sharing. Yup. It is true. Haha.
    Rong shao is missing someone. Haha. Lol. I miss all friends including u too. Haha. I think will see u on may ba. Haha. U are cute,handsome and friendly. Take care. =)

  6. so touching line. Oh yes, u’re featured as a featured Blogger in Nuffnang…

    Featured blogger (nuffnang.com.sg)
    – Dasmond Koh

    “Hi Nuffnangers, My name is Dasmond Koh! And for those who do not know me, I blog at Dasmondkoh.com.


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