Kym Ng – Driving Miss Foodie ( Update )

The details of the Cake shop is provided by Alfred in the comment box, pls scroll thru… and pple, wake up! ;p
Look what Jessie is going thru… hahaha ( our apology Jessie… )

From Jessie
Hi Readers,
Bakers World’s contact is not 6496-8581 ( but 64068581 ). Please note. Thank you.
(I have been receiving many calls since today morning.)

Hi 振荣,
Appreciate if you can update your readers on the Bakers World’s contact. Thank you.


Every week, I only get to see my dear 阿姐钟琴 on Saturday.

Sheng Siong Show

But because of Driving Miss Foodie 驾车找吃路, I got another chance!

Driving Miss Foodie - Kym Ng

See, we are SooOoo~ serious when it comes to work! haha

Driving Miss Foodie - Kym Ng Driving Miss Foodie - Kym Ng

1st stop, 加冕路!
The Curry Wok
No 5 Coronation Road #01-04

Driving Miss Foodie - Kym Ng


Driving Miss Foodie - Kym Ng


Driving Miss Foodie - Kym Ng


Driving Miss Foodie - Kym Ng

Driving Miss Foodie - Kym Ng 招牌五香^秘制乌打 Driving Miss Foodie - Kym Ng

Everything on one table!!! OH YES!

Driving Miss Foodie - Kym Ng

Next… 惹兰利安!
Bakers World LLP
No 15-8 Jalan Riang

Driving Miss Foodie - Kym Ng

The shop face is so so… but… check this out!


Driving Miss Foodie - Kym Ng

We’re definitely going back for More!!!

3rd location, 经禧路.
Blue Basil
No 56 Cairnhill Road

Driving Miss Foodie - Kym Ng

Driving Miss Foodie - Kym Ng Driving Miss Foodie - Kym Ng

Eat! Eat! Eat!

Shrimp Cocktail 鲜虾鸡尾酒

Driving Miss Foodie - Kym Ng

Sauteed Mussels 淡菜 / 贻贝

Driving Miss Foodie - Kym Ng

招牌菜 烧烤
Lamb Shoulder Rack 烤羊肩排

Driving Miss Foodie - Kym Ng

King Prawns 烤大虾

Driving Miss Foodie - Kym Ng


Blue Basil Lemon Sorbet 罗勒柠檬冰淇淋

Driving Miss Foodie - Kym Ng

Banana Chocolate cake 香蕉巧克力蛋糕

Driving Miss Foodie - Kym Ng

Back for more ya!

p/s: ( Hi all, with regards to Bakers World, heard Michelle and the chef left Bakers and started their own business. Eric and Patrick, who are the Bosses of the shop started taking over, fronting the shop. I am not sure is there any link with the change of the hotline and email address. I think the saga is enough and I will be closing the comment box for this post. Thank You 🙂 )

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  1. hi dasmond,can i ask if there is any website for the bakery shop u mentioned?thanks alot!

    ( HA… chk the comment above 🙂 – from 22 )

  2. Wow the foods look nice!!! Yummy… Haha…

    1st time i see the cakes decoration so nice and look nice too… 🙂

    U look like u not enough sleep… Rest more while u can… 😀

  3. Hi,

    I have just watched “Driving Miss Foodie” . The cakes looked super delicious. Do you know what is the opening hours and what is the email? I cant see from the photos.

    Thank you

  4. Hi, could u provide me with some details for the shop Bakers World? eg the phone number or the email? can’t really catch the details from the photo u took. Hope u can help ^^

    ( Read the comment above ya – from 22 )

  5. u mean kim appearing next miss foodie? that’s great! bigtime joker! i love HER HER!! must watch must watch! is it tomorrow?

  6. what is the email for Bakers World LLP
    can’t see clearly at the photo

    ( See comment above… 🙂 from 22 )

  7. Hi 振荣,i am just one of the passerby in your blog…anyway, i saw your tv show and I wanted to go to Bakers World LLP No 15-8 Jalan Riang but I do not have a car and it really seemed very desert place.

    Is it possible for you to enlarge your image of Bakers World LLP so that I can see the company’s telephone and email address? It is very blur when I save and enlarge your image now.

    ( Tel: 64068581 or [email protected] – from 22 )

  8. Hi Zhen Rong,

    can I have the contact? my nice birthday is coming soon I would like to order her a cake.
    Possibile the web-site too.

    THank you.

  9. 振荣你好! 我不知道哪里可以留言给你,所以希望你不会介意我在这里留言。


  10. Hi Readers,
    Bakers World’s contact is not 6496-8581. Please note. Thank you.
    (I have been receiving many calls since today morning.)

    Hi 振荣,
    Appreciate if you can update your readers on the Bakers World’s contact. Thank you.

    ( Hey Jessie, sorry for all the trouble… guess they will read it wrongly… It’s stated as 64068581 but they dial 9 instead of the 0… Wake up people!!! haha – from 22 )

  11. does male actor need to apply makeup? do they know how to do it themselves? haha silly qs…….. sorry…

    ( ya… we need to… and some of us know how to do it. We do only simple one 🙂 – from 22 )

  12. Found from one website:
    Bakers World LLP
    15-8 Jalan Riang
    Serangoon Park
    Singapore 358987
    Tel: 6406 8581
    Fax: 6406 3233
    Email: [email protected]

    For those of you who want to have a rough idea of the location, i have found an online map:
    Nearest MRT: Serangoon (NEL)
    Nearest Main Rd: Braddel Rd & Upp Serangoon Rd
    Nearest Landmarks: Nanyang JC; Zhonghua Sec Sch; Yangzheng Pri Sch

    ( Thanks Alfred! 🙂 – from 22 )

  13. Hi, I saw yr driving miss foodie every wed. All those yummy food. Haha, i think i will like the strawberry cake among so many different types.

  14. thanks leeyan for the link. i missed the show but i must say i enjoyed the youtube one. yes, kym was really funny and dasmond v. natural with her. enjoyed it!! so far, the best, followed by priscelia, followed by pang ling ling then fiona xie.

  15. your camera takes good effect on the pictures.i’m currently using canon IXUS 100.but i dun see such effects.may i know wad are the settings or function you set on your camera.thanks. =)

    ( Wah… very diff to explain here leh… haha – from 22 )

  16. hey zhenrong, can just check with you, what course are you doing when you are in TP??


    ( Business, major in Marketing & Retailing 🙂 – from 22 )

  17. Hi 振荣,
    Thank you very much for your update on your blog. I have received less calls compared to yesterday. =)

  18. Hi 振荣,
    I called Bakers World so many times and the do not pick up the calls at all and same to SMS no reply…. I went down today and the shop was closed.. So disappointed. Do you know their operating hours?

  19. Thanks for the info…but I also want to know their operating hours and do they provide delivery too.

  20. Hi all,

    I managed to get through the person on the phone today. The operating hours is usually from 7.30am – 4.30pm. Due to many walk-ins order, the staff don’t even dare to open for business as they cannot cope with so many orders. They even asked me to come down around 8 or 9pm to their office which is probably late and dark to find.

    Anyway, if you want to order birthday cakes, the minimum order is 1kg (can cut to 8 pieces, size – like the cafe)…no less than that. Their specialty is mousse cakes. I ordered the D24 durian cake(not mousse cake, is a frozen cake) which costs about 38 bucks. Same for durian chocolate cake.

    For delivery, they only do free delivery for orders above $80. For orders below $80, the delivery charges will be $20.

  21. By the way, for those who does not have the car, the nearest mrt station should be Lorong Chuan (Circle Line), after alighting at that station, it will be a 10 min walk to the place.

  22. I rushed all the way from tampines to compass point at 11.15am and shop is closed!!! Hanged around till 11.30am and still nobody. Called their Hp and shop nos also can’t get anybody! Really great disappointment and they said yesterday roadshow opens at 11am

  23. I just came back from Bakers World with 6 boxes of cakes. 1 box is S$3.50 and 3 boxes for S$10. I bought 2xDurian, 2xChocolate, 1xAmerican Cheese and 1xTruffle. The cake were scrumptious. Their opening hours varies as they cannot cope with the overwhelming response. Today they open at 12.00pm till 4.30pm, or i should say ‘while stock last’. I did not ask them about delivery, but due to the overwhelming response, i should assume they do not do delivery. The lady in-charge, Michelle is so busy with the walk-in sales that she just simply do not have time to answer phone calls and SMS, you just have to walk-in.

  24. Hi 振荣,

    The Bakers world (15-8 Jalan Riang) lady staff (Quite big Size) not very polite, ask you to wait for 1 hour before the shop open at 12pm when we arrive around 11:15am. The shop have no menu, never state the operation hour, no body answer phone. I suppose after they get free publication and now become very proud. I think you are wasting your effort to recommend this kind of low service cake shop to your audient. I will not buy their cake even though their cake is nice or cheap.

  25. Hey folks…the Blue Basil Lemon Sorbet is worth a try…u can give the king/ giant prawns a miss…not fantastic…overcooked…i was dwn @ blue basil b4 the show had tt….

  26. Can i know Bakers World operating hours ? Called them alot of times but they didint pick up the calls…

    ( We’ve got no idea… – from 22 )

  27. Hi 振荣,

    Why the bakers World staff service is not up to standard, can ask them to attend the courses to upgrade their service level.

  28. Hi Everybody,

    Since Baker’s World is so popular, I would like to share my personal experience. Drove down today, even though I stay in the West, to have a look and try to buy the cakes. Unfortunately, but the shop appeared closed, and then suddenly opened. There is no indication of opening hours.
    When we went in, we were told that the cakes have to be pre-ordered. SO people, Do not waste time driving or going down. Try to call to pre-order, that’s if you can get through to her number!

  29. We are very disappointed with what we experienced today,
    Baker’s World was not open when we arrived, and when we tired to
    call the office no. noone answered.
    We decided to move off, and somebody opened the door, appearing very stressed up, and seemingly unable to handle any business. many customers were queuing for nothing,only to find out in front that orderes have to be pre-ordered. We did not even have a chance to see the cakes that we have wanted to go to buy.
    Think have to give her some time to catch up with this sudden business, but it is a bad experience for new customers.

  30. I Manage to get the price list (as shown below) and favour that is selling in the shop, order require (in order not to get disappointed.. the opening hours is from 12pm to 6pm as confirm by Michelle (the boss).

    Items unit price Price /kg

    Rectangle cake
    Chocolate Truffle $3.50 $32.00
    Mango $3.50 $34.00
    Blueberrry Cheese $3.50 $34.00
    Chocolate éclair $3.50
    royaltine $3.50 $38.00
    Durian Chocolate Cake $3.50 $38.00
    Avocado Cake $3.50 $34.00
    American cheese cake $3.50 $33.00
    expresso cheese cake $3.50 $34.00
    durian cake $3.50 $38.00
    oreo cheese cake $3.50 $33.00
    Forestberry cheese mousse ** $4.50 $45.00
    Passion fruit + mango ** $4.50 $45.00
    Strawberry Marsch $3.50 $34.00
    mocca Cheese $3.50 $34.00
    Blackforest mousse cake $3.50 $32.00

  31. Hmm.. seems like a lot of bad comments bout Bakers World. With the exception of the lady’s “Smelly face” the service was generally not too bad. Went down yesterday morning and though they pasted a notice saying the shop will open at 12pm, they let us in around 11.45am as there was quite a crowd outside. The cakes need not be pre ordered as we managed to buy what we wanted. Perhaps they can’t cope with the sudden influx of customers thus they just said the cakes have to pre-ordered? Anyway have to say that the ordering system was a bit chaotic as it took a while before they got the orders right. Nevertheless, the cakes were delicious. We ordered 1 Choc truffle, 1 durian, 1 Royaltine, 1 Mango, 1 Avocado and 1 Forest Berry. All 6 were Delicious and at great value!!! Would definitely go back again!! Meanwhile from what I know, they are open for business everyday, saturaday 1/2 day and from 9+ in the morning onwards. Enjoy !!

  32. Regarding to Baker’s World, I’ve just spoken to Michelle (the lady in the shop), she wants me to convey this message that she is truely sorry to those customers that had been to the shop but not able to get any cake. Due to high demand of the cakes, she prefers pre-order thru email to [email protected]. And she told me that they will open from 12-6pm and close on Sunday.

  33. Hi all,

    I have sent them a email and one of the staff, Michelle Ng replied. Anyway, do give them a call before you go down because they cannot handle a huge amount of walk-in orders. If you want to order cakes, please let them know 3 days in advance – the best is 1 week in advance.

    I think I can count myself very lucky as a first-time customer as I always managed to get through to either one of the staffs to order my cakes.

    Anyway, I have created a website of the brochure that MIchelle Ng sent me as well as the price list for each type of cakes. Here is the website with operating hours, cake pricing, brochure and order form:

  34. Dear customers, first of all let me apologize for all the misunderstanding caused during this period of time as our cakes processing time needs minimum 5hours from baking,freezing, cutting , packing etc and due to the overwhelming response we are sorry to annouce that pre-order is required to avoid future disappointments.

    Our operating hours are from 12pm-6pm (Mondays to Saturday excluding Public Holidays)

    Once again sorry for the inconvenience caused, we will try our best to serve you better in the near future.

  35. How are we going to order from Bakers World when we cant get thru the phone & they don’t even have a website to introduce their cakes?

  36. For those who are eyeing bakers world cake. do try your luck at compass point-sengkang. there have a stall there. supposely heard from the stall lady. 2 times they will restock a day. 11am n 7pm but while stock last also. n will depend if the kitchen can produce the cakes in time. morning is still the best. according to her 13 flavours. no gurantee they will have stock if u go down.

  37. tried the cake but not super fantastic leh….tried the durian, avocado, chocolate truffle and expresso cheesecake…so far only the choc truffle got standard, avocado not bad, light but taste more like pandan,durian is a dissapointment

  38. Wow didn’t know that Bakers World was a hot talking topic here… had tried few of their cakes with my family members all said the cakes were great!!!! Esp the durian, royaltine, forestberry, avocado… The boss Michelle is a really nice lady she had recommended me the cakes and had expalin to me the ingridients of the cakes.. she is really of great help to recommend me the cakes as i only get to know this place after Driving Miss Foodie (Thanks dasmond for the great recommendation) .. btw, i’ve went to purchase the cakes the day after the show that was 2 July (tuesday) and again went to get more on 6 july (monday) from my pre-order collection.

  39. The cakes from Bakers World are really “hot”. I have tried many of their cakes at their road shows. I guess need to call to ask where the road shows are. Their cakes are simply yummy and my sons are always asking for more;) I love the D24 durian cake the most 🙂 The staff that I have met at the road shows are always very friendly.

  40. what a disappointment with Baker world which u recommended, we ordered 100 over boxes giving them more than 3 days notices with confimation on Wednesday 8 July which Michelle confirm that she can deliver the cakes to us today 9 July, however when we called Michelle for the delivery time, she told us that our orders was not packed n moreover certain flavor are already out of stocks. Orders given in advance should be honoured and should not be last minutes rejected. This is really terrible at the way she run the business. If she cannot perform then tell her not to advertise in TV/magazine/paper etc…. same go to the ROADSHOW. How I wish I can go to the roadshow and give her a dresssing. so that people will not buy from her even though the cake is ‘that nice’

  41. Hey Dasmond,
    Looks like your blog entry has become a platform for complaints about Bakers World. But really nice show you have got. Will try your recommendations when time permits.

  42. Hey Dasmond,

    Thanks so much for introducting Bakers World to us. My company was pleased with their services and had placed an order with them for an over 250 boxes. The sales person and the boss was polite and really service us well (unlike what was mention by someone saying they need to attend service courses i guess that guy is speaking ill of them!). When i saw the blog written by ‘Ms HO’ i was stunned to know she got that encountered such problem as we had received everything which we ordered on time but of cause at 1st we supposed to have it delivered to us earlier but due to add on orders the delivery was delay for 2days (as agreed) which we also understand cause of the add on the numbers was quite huge as well.

    So pple out there who had not tried their cakes MUST give it a try…

  43. This message is for “HK Ng”
    is your order placed on the same delivery day as ours (8 Jul)? we are not sure who is the salesman and boss you are referring to, but our communication and order were handled by Michelle through out. I am a reasonable person who goes all out for good foodies recommendated. But that was a very upsetting experience and be it 250 or 100 boxes, we should be treated with the same entity! So you don’t have to be stunned, I just want pple to know that it really happened!

  44. Hi Miss Ho,

    Be it happend or not happen i feel truely that you shouldn’t have the idea to make others not buy anything from her as it is your own business of not liking it and pple like us know what the situation was like for her as the demand of the supply went up as they don;t do any front selling as they are suppliers.

    When we add orders and they are not able to make it for delivery she did offer to us to send half of what we ordered but we did not want to make her so troublesome so we had it arrange to be send on another day (did she offer that to you??? if yes why make a fuss here and there…????) therefore i guess you need to do some soul searching. When u are angry with something or at someone u don’t need to let the whole world know if you need to maybe you should call the reporters from the papers and news to do a interview with you and boardcast it in the tv instead of so troublesome do it in the blog or go down to the roadshow and disgrace yourself from scolding pple!!!!

  45. Just my 3 cents,

    As a consumer I do agree that Michelle and her staff has got Fark up attitude. Really no joke when i 1st went to her shop on 9 July her staff this dun have that dun have even catalog also cannot fax me a copy. Luckily in the end her staff promise to email me. I was quite pissed off. But today when i go to her shop, for my collection she tone down quite abit already. I can understand her attitude problem. Try thinking if you are the ONLY customer service officer in the WHOLE company. And you have to 1 man show attend to call email fax then those KPKB walk-in who nag nag nag why no cake den maybe u can understand why she got Fark-up attitude.

    But I see that Michelle quite sad over those saga. I overheard she almost kanna a police case. So REMEMBER THIS IS A SUPPLIER ‘NOT’ A RETAILER Being able to enjoy the cake is a privilege NOT an entitlement SHE MICHELLE can just simply shut off direct sales to end user. den we have to lan lan go to find retailer who carry her product. Den we cannot have a whole range of supply to choose from anymore. + the retailer is going charge the overhead onto us.

    For those who disagree to my Point Of View you can bo chap. I’m not forcing anyone to agree to my POV.

  46. Hi everyone!

    Recently i sms Michelle asking about rdshows & immediately she called me back & she was very nice to tell
    me very patiently the differences about her various cakes.But i understand that she is very sad that there have been many complains about her on this blog as she is helpless as to what people want to say.I asked her to explain herself here but she doesn’t want to bother & is even contemplating giving up this business!Do you think anyone will give up a thriving business easily after working so hard to build it up?

    From the way she talked to me,i can really feel that she is sincere about giving customers high quality cakes.Her expectations are high so those cakes which do not meet her standards are rejected.Isn’t this what all consumers want?Getting the best out of what they are paying for?I would definitely want to buy cakes from her as i have the assurance that they will taste great & at a really good price too!

    I shall try to help her clarify a few things she told me.Firstly,i was shocked that she told me the lady with ‘a smelly face’ that someone talked about was herself!And it was because earlier that morning,a group of about 30 customers actually stomped into her kitchen,open her fridges & even touched her cakes!!!Anyone will be angry!!How can these people transpass on her kitchen area & touch her cakes???It’s so unhygenic!

    Then for the customer who complained that her order of 100 boxes was not met,it was actually a mistake by a staff but Michelle admitted too she should have overseen the whole thing.Michelle did offered to send the rest of the orders to the customer the very next day but that customer rejected it.Even if the customer is still angry,why say things like going down to scold Michelle?I think Michelle did her part to offer to make up for it already.

    Frankly,i also agree that the staff needs some training in customer service from my experience at one of their rdshow.But i guess we do have to give them some time to catch up.Ultimately,we are able to enjoy fantastic cakes at a good price right?

  47. but Ms Ng. i guess in every business no matter how tired, angry you are. you should not show out.

    i went last week, there was so many people Q’ing. but where’s the Q we got no ideal. and who shall we talk to?
    waited for 15min. then she tell me. so and so so cake. no more stock.
    plus using a very eager tone saying we got no time to make cake.
    how would you feel when you’re the one being serve in this way. cake may be cheap but not the cheapest.
    at such price i can get anywhere.

    i also tried the cake. is not as good as it was told. i will not go there anymore

  48. add in my 5 cents view

    Just paste a piece of paper on the shop front listing the following:

    Operation hours
    For enquiries & Orders: Only by Email
    Limit no of cakes purchased per customer (Walk-in)

    for others who love their cakes and wish to help Bakers World improve on Customer Service. why not think of ideas or suggest ways they can improve instead of just condemning. If things still do not improve than there are always other shops that provide good customer service as well as cakes.

  49. Hi mag!

    I do understand how u feel as i encountered this at the rdshow too and frankly i was not very happy.That’s why i said they need some customer service training as they are not equipped in this area yet.Everyone have different tastes & preferences and of course our different experiences with Baker’s World will determine whether you will continue to support them or not.Everyone has their own right to decide & comment on what they like or don’t like.I was just trying to help Michelle clarify some things.

    For me,i can understand the ‘smelly face’ incident as i feel it shows that she is determined to protect her cakes so that her customers will receive the cakes in tip-top & HYGENIC conditions.THAT is very important to me.Well it’s really up to everyone out there to decide if you want to try the cakes out for yourself or not.It is certainly of no concern to me & in fact,the queue won’t be so long too if there are lesser people.Hahaha!!

  50. saw a program where an artiste visited a cake shop, n they had a roast pig shaped cake.. anyone knows what shop is it n which program it appeared in? intending to order one but cant seem to find!!

    Not sure if its this .. or is this the one that they sell in boxes like sara lee cakes?

  51. Saw the show and decided to try in spite of some comments here on bad service and quality.
    Ordered a birthday cake from Patrick who is the boss featured on the show and got one in 10 mins….. bouquets on the speed. In fact Patrick attended to almost everyone to clear the queue.
    This is the contact he gave me :
    email : [email protected]
    phone : 98628628 or 97107345

    Besides this, I tried the chocolate truffles…. yummy!

  52. Just came back from Bakers World LLP with 6 boxes of cakes for S$20 (3 boxes for S$10). Overall I was pleased with their services. The 2 sales person and the boss were polite. The moment I step into the shop, samples of various cakes was given to me to try without me asking for it. Anyway, forget about those phone number mention above. Below two HOTLINE number and E-mail add. if you want to find out more details.

    Bakers World LLP
    15-8 Jalan Riang
    Serangoon Park
    Singapore 358987

    E-mail: [email protected]
    HOTLINE: Mr Eric Yeo – 9710 7345
    Mr Patrick Lee – 9862 8628

    MUST give it a try…

  53. 事出必有因,在振荣节目的第二天,有许多顾客冲下去她的店铺,翻弄她的蛋糕,Michelle尤其照顾蛋糕的品质、卫生,自然和一些客户起了冲突,心情也自然不好。这些都是不为人知的。这除外,一时间来了这么大批人,她自然是应接不暇、压力大,我们压力大的时候,脸色难道会好看吗?


  54. Hello actually not one to comment but after goin to bakers world yst, i feel that they deserve a mention. At first i was a little skeptical because of the news i heard abt the ‘Farked up’ staff…. michelle was it…haha? Anyway i was pleasantly surprised by the service that the company provided. Although there was quite a long queue, i think the staff did a great job ensuring that all customers were attended to as soon as possible. The boss….mr patrick was even kind enought to exchange a few words with his customers while we were queuing. Kudos! ( i actually wanted to see this infamous michelle but she was no where to be found lei……haha)

    ps how come the bakers world hotline number is 64068581? Mr patrick gave me the details and said that the real numbers are 98628628 and 97107345 if u wanna make an order.

  55. I went down last week to get the famous durian cakes for my mother and my mom was pretty disappointed with it. She says that it no longer tasted like before, not as rich tasting.

    Just discovered that the bakers world chef (at time of this telecast) has moved on to elsewhere, together with Michelle, I read about it on someone’s blog, but I can’t confirm. Any updates on this? I would definitely want to get the same ol’ cakes quality that I tried right after the telecast.


  56. I have left with my last two cents.

    Something fishy, Michelle,’smelly face’, just vanished and in come Eric and Patrick, whom we don’t see them after the show being telecast until recently. Also the hotline number and email address suddenly is totally different. So which is which. Could someone who have Michelle handphone # please give her a call and update us here.

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