Kym Ng and the Trolley…

Here the story goes…

One fine day, our dear Ah Jie Kym Ng visited a supermarket (where they provide storage for cold stuff…)


She needed a trolley cause she needs to buy a lot of things. When she was walking towards the trolley collection area, a domestic helper aka maid, approach her.


“You give me $1 I give you my trolley mum…”

So she pass her the $1 coin in her hand, took the trolley and started shopping happily…!


End of the day when she was returning the trolley, she found out that it was a 20cents coin instead of a dollar in the trolley’s coin slot!

Moral of the story
Someone’s loss will be another’s gain.
She ‘lu gi’ 80cents while the domestic helper made 80cents that day 🙂


p/s: yes, 20cents coin works in some supermarket’s trolley…


Sheng Siong 3 is coming back!!




9 thoughts on “Kym Ng and the Trolley…”

  1. haha i was surprised wen i read de story in de beginin
    interesting advice!!!
    btw im kinda blur bt wad is Sheng Siong 3???
    pls rply!!!

    ( it’s a variety show hosted by kym and me. Season 3 coming back on channel 8, mid May.. – from 22 )

  2. haha. i din know 20cents work as well. u shd nt have said it here, now SOME people will try to save 80cents when they go supermarket!

    And yes! I love Sheng Shiong show. You 2 r really a good pairing!

  3. Thanks for sharing it with us. I like the trolley the most. I save the photo from ur blog. Hope u dun mind. Thanks. Haha. Yeah thats mean going to see u & kym soon. Can we see rong ming, yi qing & ah sam on mdc soon? Thanks for the 超级星光大道第三季 video.

    Thanks darren for sharing. Haha. Dasmond look handsome on the april blogger article. Haha.

  4. wow how did u noe that 20 cents can actually work?
    ppl can take home a trolley at a cheaper price now.. haha
    sheng siong show! I like it! the pairing between you two just gets better every season!


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