It's not what you think…


Yeap, this is my house.
A cosy and comfortable home.


It’s not as BIG as you think…
It’s not as LUXURY as you think…
( Anything under the camera lenses will be magnified )


And for SURE, I’m not as RICH as you thinK… : (

For the interested ones, my designer is Calvin from S.T. Design & Contract Pte Ltd

13 thoughts on “It's not what you think…”

  1. Is your place always so neat?? Or is it just for the photo shoot.

    BTW, the bathroom poster idea is bit nice… its an interesting display in an other else plain bathroom.

    I love the pool! and yes you look gay… : )

  2. Yes…i was like going Wow for don noe how many times when i was reading i weekly…really very beautiful…

  3. ah…not rich..but got money to live in..
    haha……then..HDB is really not rich roh…is bo bain have to live in……

    but i like the your big photos!!

  4. i read that in i-weekly.. ur house is nice de lo. But where is ur ‘great wall of china’ ah? i rem reading that in ur blog some time ago that u are in the process of completing. Y nv show off in e mag? Lol. Still working on it? Or give up?

  5. ??????????? “?” ?? !
    ?? : ????? “?” “?” ???? , ????????? “?” ? …….!
    ?? ! ???????? , ?? “????” ??? ! ??? ! ???????? ! ????? ( ??? ) !

  6. when i saw i-weekly and know u r already 35years-old…
    i really really shocked lor!
    u look so young young young young young lor!
    like twenty something only!

  7. WAH. SO NICE .
    many of us would like to take a look.

    jk jk. hahaha.

    And the bathroom poster is nice !
    No. Everything is nice .


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