16 thoughts on “It's 牛年! 旺旺!!!”

  1. Hello. Happy Chinese Niu Year!!! Huat ah!!! Hoho!!! Hope that u enjoy urself with ur family & friends. Have a great time woh! 😀

    You never take pic with daren & milubing together?? Haha. Anyway nice pics. 🙂

  2. Mq u mean his young brother huh?? Above the ox pic the guy in the middle de huh?? Oh ya i just nw never saw the pic. Paiseh. Haha. What did sam wong saw?? Lol. 🙂

  3. Hi Dasmond,

    Been reading ur blog for quite some time. Although u may nt remember me v well mayb, but I want to say Thanks for all the sharing. They are greatly written and photos are well taken. Here wishing u have a wonderful, prosperity Year of Ox with good health and happiness! Jiayou in 2009! 🙂

  4. 哈咯,这是我第一次来看你的部落格哦,呵呵。。

  5. Wah starting the sheng siong show is nice de lah. Haha. I like to watch lion dance.

    Aiya i didn’t noe that 1 of the judge is daren tan. Arghh never mind.

    I will look forward for the next season of sheng siong show with more good singers.. Hoho. 🙂

    Enjoy working. U not enough sleep? Take good care. 😀


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