I'll be Back!!!

Tioman Dive Trip March 06

I’m back!!!!

All set to go again! hahaha
For those who are keen to know, if nothing goes wrong and my little bro JJ is free to keep me company… I’ll be heading out to the water again most prob on the 5th April weekend!

Answers to some private msg regarding learning diving…

Open Water course fee is approx S$550
Include theory lesson (an evening), swimming pool lesson (half a day), and weekend trip to Tioman or Dayang (depart Friday evening back on Sunday night).

For more details visit Gill Divers or call 67349373

I promise I WILL bring back some diving pictures!!!! 🙂

Dive at Koh TaoDive at Koh Tao

Dive at TiomanDive at Tioman

16 thoughts on “I'll be Back!!!”

  1. Hey Dasmond, I can see that now you are enjoying a good lifestyle from the hectic working life. That’s good as we all should take a nice break.

    You can take nice pictures especially those beautiful fishes. My daughter loves fishes unfortunately her fishes died.

    Take care!

  2. 5th April heading to where dive?
    Are those four pictures taken by you?? Very nicely taken.
    What camera were you using can i ask?
    Ya, go get the camera at IT show!

    ( I’ve always been using Canon… yeap, went to the IT show and bought myself a new camera ixus80! Tioman on 5th, easiest… ha – from 22 )

  3. Woah. Seems like you really enjoy your diving. =D Well, its always good to have something you love.
    The pictures are fantastic as well!
    I’m sure going out diving once in a while is always a way to take your mind off your hectic working life too.
    Take care!

  4. ya man! be a little more careful with ur cam! but dont worry, there’s always another IT show in June mah. LOL!
    5th April.. I see. means not going Wu Bai’s concert! AAaww……….~

  5. Ha! You’ve gotten yourself a new camera! That’s great!! Bet it was a good bargain at the IT show 😀
    Woohoo~ Another trip in April! Have fun!! And we want more pictures! 😀

  6. The pics are nice. U go diving with who? Sam huh? Hehe. He also go diving leh. Dasmond u use what camera? The pics so clear. Haha.

    Canon,sony or other brand?


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