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The other day, Gin left a comment about ‘hug’… which I find it rather meaningful too…

Hug is full of warm
Hug is full of protection
Hug is full of love
Hug is full of comfort
Hug is full of remembrance


This comment set me thinking…

When we were little, we were hugged but not knowing why…
When we grow up, we started to understand the meaning of Hugging.
The reason of why we open up our arms and embrace the one we care and love.

There’s something in a simple hug
That always warms the heart;
It welcomes us back home
And makes it easier to part.

A hug’s a way to share the joy
And sad times we go through,
Or just a way for friends to say
They like you ’cause you’re you.

Hugs are meant for anyone
For whom we really care,
From your grandma to your neighbour,
Or a cuddly teddy bear.

A hug is an amazing thing –
It’s just the perfect way
To show the love we’re feeling
But can’t find the words to say.

It’s funny how a little hug
Makes everyone feel good;
In every place and language,
It’s always understood.

And hugs don’t need new equipment,
Special batteries or parts –
Just open up your arms
And open up your hearts.

8 thoughts on “HuG …”

  1. yuppyupp. i agree!
    hugs are simple yet sweet.
    sometimes it’s a lil hug that goes a long way 🙂
    & means more than words can express 🙂

  2. now this post made me miss my family.
    especially when you’re far away from home,
    sometimes all you wish is to have a hug from them.
    and it will just ease all the stress and burden inside you.

  3. dongx2,
    wat i understand is he’s single.

    u single rite??!! unless u married n divorced w/o lettin anyone knw, keepin it under wrap! haa

  4. how true indeed! =) A Hug Works Wonders…. and that’s why it’s encouraged to give the ppl around us a hug [just a pity this is not the norm for Asians] in, if I remembered correctly, Chicken Soup for the Soul.

  5. i like this..

    Hugs are meant for anyone
    For whom we really care,
    From your grandma to your neighbour,
    Or a cuddly teddy bear.

    anyway on a random note.. visiting this blog makes my day cause i love 22 (and there are 22 like everywhere here!) !! especially feb’s.. cause its my birthday!! haha=)

  6. Hi Dasmond,

    Thanks for sharing my thoughts.

    Why I put up those thoughts over at your comments corner is for your friendship between you, Cruz and Ling Zhi. I always love to go out with friends for a lovely outings especially eating, unfortunately they’re always busy with work.

    Sometimes, I will tell my friends how I love their company and our friendship needs to be treasured and valued.

    Keep in touch and take care.



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